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Braun Laser Hair Removal:
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Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5:

Braun IPL Hair Removal Pro 3

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Schick Eyebrow Razor
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Consult your doctor before using anything!

I am not trying to tell you guys to use this product. If you are comfortable with your hair thats great, if you’re not thats fine too. This is my personal journey and I wanted to share my experience and what has helped me along the way.

I have finally found something that works for me. My body and facial hair was one of my biggest insecurities and I am just so happy that I am able to feel more confident in my own skin now!


38 replies
  1. marra entezary
    marra entezary says:

    Hope i get a reply . Im buying this today and got two questions…one: ive heard its best not to moisturise after using it…how long after application would it be ok to put some lotion on? Second: its recommended to shave in their hair growth direction…but i find it that way not all the hair gets removed completely…would it still work like that or should u go the opposit direction when shaving?

  2. sadia feroze
    sadia feroze says:

    Thank u so much ur video helped me a lot ill buy ipl machine instead of going to laser session. In Pakistan we do have this in carfour hyperstar and al fathe

  3. S Sb
    S Sb says:

    I'm surprised you moisturised after ipl, I was told not to apply any moisturiser as the skin is hot and their is more chance of pigmentation. Aloe Vera gel is normally applied in the clinics and sunscreen. You also in your other video said you used it continusly for 4 days!
    That seems a lot, In the manual it say s once a week until hair growth stops.

  4. liz
    liz says:

    Aisha.. You have give three links of three different hair removal product of braun. Which one you use and which is best for dark facial hair. Kindly reply.

  5. J Kiro
    J Kiro says:

    Which laser hair removal device are you using? Which one is the $500 one ? The links below are showing they're not available on Amazon.

  6. manahil hassan
    manahil hassan says:

    I really am ready to purchase the machine but the only thing that’s confusing me is which model to buy. There’s a silk braun expert and then there’s the more expensive one which is expert pro 5. Do you think it’s worth the money just getting the more expensive one?

  7. rachel cross
    rachel cross says:

    Pls help! I just started the braun5. I had bloodwork ordered 2 c what’s going on w/me bc this thick blck hair on my face started ab 6-7 yrs ago & it’s growing back SOO fast (like 1/3” a day!) I’m really struggling to resist plucking in between ipl. Shaving gives me razor burn & the black spots on my chin & lip are still noticeable on my skin – only plucking gets rid of this. I’m 37, white w/olive complexion growing a damn beard & stache & this sickens me. 😭🤢Does anyone kno if plucking in between ipl messes up results ?? Im scared of shaving bc I’d have 2do it daily & it doesn’t cut it. Its just my 2nd week using ipl but I feel stuck bc I read u can’t pluck in between ipl. Has anyone plucked in between ipl & still ended up w/good results ?? I know I need more time to c any results bc I have dark, thick hair & a lot of it but I’m scared I’m messing everything up plucking & Im too embarrassed to shave while waiting for results to show. Any thoughts or advice ladies ? Would b greatly appreciated !! 🥰
    Men have it so easy!!!😠

  8. Maria Afzal
    Maria Afzal says:

    Heyy Hun I really want to Purchase it but do u think it will work for stubborn black hair on all around chin area, I have tried everything wax threading Salon laser but it was all too expensive. I just really want it to work on my chin area it grows back after 2 days of waxing and threading 😭😭😭

  9. Sum Sum
    Sum Sum says:

    How many times did you do it in a month? Also, will it finish automatically like Will the machine die out and we have to buy another one?

  10. GFYS
    GFYS says:

    I'm from Pakistan and looking for this laser device or atleast something close to this, pls pls pls let me know if i can get this online from somewhere authentic by any chance!! Your video makes me wanna have this right away and get rid of my animalistic body hair before my wedding which is in 4 months!!

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