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Laser permanent hair removal treatment is very famous cosmetic procedure world wide. But it still raises doubts and questions among people. In this video I have tried to answer all your laser permanent hair removal treatment’s most asked questions as well as my experience with laser permanent hair removal procedure.
Hope you enjoy the video and get all the information you need.
Love always.

Disclaimer: This is my individual opinion, research and experience.
Doctor’s, medical expert’s opinion is advised.

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49 replies
  1. Nitisha Suryawanshi
    Nitisha Suryawanshi says:

    Isn’t in unnatural to stop hair growth permanently? Could you please explain what happens with skin pores after laser hair removal? Do the person suffer from extra sweating or no sweating at all?

  2. runali nandrekar
    runali nandrekar says:

    मला सतत व्याक्सिंग करावी लगते , नाटकाचे प्रयोग असतात त्यामुळे आणि ग्रोथ पण खूप आहे .पण क्लिनिक ला जाण्याची भीती वाटते लेजर ट्रीटमेंट साठी . म्हणून बोलले तुम्हाला तुम्ही सूचवू शकता का क्लिनिक?

  3. Swapnali Borole
    Swapnali Borole says:

    Plz urmila make video for heavy hair fall..I lost of my hair bcoz of delivery, n twins baby boys secdhule madhe care hot Nahi nit.. plz will u help me some simple n easy method for hair fall

  4. pragati jadhav
    pragati jadhav says:

    चेहरा वर जास्त प्रमाणात तीळ असतील तर काय उपाय करावा हे सांगा plz

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