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Sleek Thermal brsuh:

Today I’m gonna show you how to use our sleek thermal brush. The sleek thermal brush has 75 heated plates and the heat ranges from 170 degrees all the way to 450. This tool is gonna give us great volume and a sleek style. Before we get into styling I’m actually gonna share a few tips of what not to do when you’re styling with this tool.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Tips for using Sleek Brush
01:45 Items needed
02:00 Make hair ready for brushing
02:45 Grab section and Glide down brush smoothly
04:04 Brushing the right side
05:20 Brushing the Top section
06:50 Get more volume on top section
08:50 Crown section
09:25 Outro

Most people are familiar with how to use a brush but I’m gonna tell you a few tips to make sure that you’re using this brush properly, of course, you want to go slow and you want to make sure that the hair has constant contact with the heated face.

what I love about this tool is that you can grab a big section and use the tool and get great results.
So, this video tutorial will master your brushing skills and how to get a nice sleek style with a lot of volume at roots.

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Sleek Thermal brsuh:

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