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34 replies
  1. J N
    J N says:

    Need THIS!! My mother used to LOVE going and laying out to sunbathe when I was little kid and made me lay out with her 🤦 and I developed freckles. Because of that experience I had a dislike for laying out as I find it boring lol and thank goodness I did as I had no idea about the sun until I was older. So the sun and I have not been bff's lol but I am guilty of not wearing sunscreen thru my 20's and even my 30's 🤦🤦 so now looking to correct my skin.

  2. Game Master
    Game Master says:

    My sister and GF purchased this but sadly they no longer ship while they still take in your money. 2 weeks since they both made their separate purchase and there's no response or update on whether it will be shipped or not.

  3. LynDee Heinen
    LynDee Heinen says:

    I wish I’d known this ships from China. I ordered this because of your review, but next time I’ll check deeper into the company. My debit card was declined by my bank, but they would only say “some website transactions get rejected.” I guess that should have been enough of a red flag for me. Fingers crossed. Still, you should put up a *disclaimer that these are shipped on a long boat from China.

  4. Siddika Jessa
    Siddika Jessa says:

    Hello there, thanks for sharing your videos, they are very helpful. I been looking to buy a laser hair removal product and comparing Kenzzi, cause I trust your reviews, and now I see roseskinco. Have you tried Roseskinco, how do they compare as it is cheaper. Thanks Angie!

  5. Dragon Z
    Dragon Z says:

    One thing very ironic about the western culture is that: the westerners love tanning. They spend so much time, energy, and money to get themselves tanned under the Sun or the tanning machine to make their skin look darker. Then when they get older, they spend so much time, energy, and money to try to get rid of wrinkles and spots which are known to be largely caused by UV damage. (Sun block lotions don’t stop UV from damaging your skin. They only prevent sun burn and reduce damage). And they wonder why many Asians look younger and have better skin at the same mature age. Duh, because Asians in general don’t like tanning and avoid UV at all costs! Why intentionally damage your skin early in life and then try to fix it later?! It’s usually easier to prevent damage than to fix damage. Love, protect, and treasure the natural skin and skin tone you have. Be yourself, love yourself and your body that you’re born with. You’ll save a lot of money, time and energy later in life and your skin will thank you too.

  6. Rosemary Freitas
    Rosemary Freitas says:

    I used it one time. 2nd time, nothing happened. I tried another day. Nothing. I have sent 2 emails now. They want a video. First response was" I am supposed to depress it for 5 seconds". OK OK nothing happened still. 2nd email was just sent with another video. Let's see how they respond. If it is a lame response like before I will have my Amexrican express deal with it.


    Hello there
    I have my device but i have noticed my device turns very hot after one leg treatment. I have to switch it off 🙄 is this common ? Anyone plz

  8. D E
    D E says:

    Bought this. Worked twice now gets so hot in 30 secs it burns my skin. Can’t use it anymore. Emailed the company multiple times over the past two months with one response . No refund no offer to replace. They asked for a video proving it wasn’t working properly. Still nothing.

  9. L Guillermet
    L Guillermet says:

    Hi Angie, I got the Kenzie as a Christmas gift exchange after seeing your video. Started using it in late January once a week on my legs, just for age spots. So it has been about 5 weeks now and I am just starting to see them getting a bit lighter, but guess what?… shorts-wearing weather is here in Texas already and that brings me full circle to where these age spots started… I don't like the smell of sun protecting lotions nor do I like to apply them more than once a day. With that in mind, would you have some recommendations on a good sun, lasting (waterproof if possible) body sun protector – what SPF is preferable? – that I can use to take care of my time and $$ investment?

  10. Kay Deerin
    Kay Deerin says:

    Question: Would you buy this just for the freckle/age/sun/dark spot removal? For example, I have sunspots on my hands, chest, etc. but not dark hair…

  11. sam iam
    sam iam says:

    I thought I would give an update after using the Kenzzi for 7 weeks. Yes, it reduces the hair growth, but on Week 7 it stopped working. I get no response from the company. It is a lot of money to dish out for a device that only works for a short while. I would not buy again

  12. Michelle S.
    Michelle S. says:

    Has anyone received their order? I placed one last month and am concerned since I have not yet received the Kenzzi product. UPDATE: My order just arrived! It took a few weeks. I received zero updates on the status of my order or when it was shipped, which made me nervous, but it arrived!

  13. Carla Honey
    Carla Honey says:

    Hi. I’m the same age as you and have never had laser or anything. I just bought this but wondering if you’d recommend this and/or the other lazer treatment at the clinic now that you have this device. Would love your input please. Thanks 😊

  14. Dawn Allen
    Dawn Allen says:

    Hey everyone! I wanted to give an update on my experience with my Kenzzi. I was initially intrigued by Angie's review because I have age spots on my limbs, and they are my primary cosmetic concern. And, I thought hair removal would be a nice bonus. I'm pleased to say I had no problems with delivery of the Kenzzi. I received my device in about a week, right at the beginning of the year. I divide my use of the Kenzzi up among different days of the week, as I have multiple areas I want to cover and I don't want to overheat the device. I have been able to use it on the highest setting right from the start on all areas, including bikini and underarms. I have to tell you: I have had AMAZING success on my calves with hair removal, and that was at about the five week mark! I only shave one day a week now, and it's on my "treatment" day. My bikini area and underarms are a little more stubborn, but the hair is just now beginning to thin in those areas. My thighs have never had much hair; only baby fine hairs, but they have plenty of sun spots. Now, THOSE are what I really want to tackle. For IPL purposes I stopped all tanning creams and have been sporting a lovely pasty-white skin with bluish-red tones for the past few months while I treat–just lovely, lol. My spots are about the same, but I am hopeful. In the hopes they will start to "slough off," I am staying hydrated, moisturizing, occasionally using some vitamin C serums, and also using The Ordinary's glycolic acid on limbs a couple times a week. I should point out I have very tolerant skin and am familiar with acid use. Also, I have had my spots checked with a derm and I'm in good shape there.

    Angie – if you're reading this, can you let me know at about what point in your initial treatments did you notice your spots starting to either fade or slough off? (Mine are larger than the type you showed in your photos: rather than freckles, mine are the large, irregular, super ugly sun spots.) I'm hoping that by the middle of April or so I might be headed in that direction. I'm outside of Houston, and we are already "bare legs" here for the spring. Thank you for this review, Angie. So far it's been a success for me!

  15. Janie Drawhorn
    Janie Drawhorn says:

    I purchased the Kenzzie IPL using your code. I received it and straight out of the package it does not seem to be working. The green light blinks but I never get the pink light. I’ve tried contacting Kenzzie twice with no response. Can you suggest what else I can do to either get a refund or a replacement?

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