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Thank you Imayla for sponsoring today’s video! Be sure to use code HRUSH10 for 10% off and check out @ImaylaBeauty! Today we did Easy Hacks for the Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

hi my little friends this is the easy Hacks for the Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial from your favorite celebrity MUA Hrush coming on Youtube to give you all the beauty tutorials!

Products used:
The Urbanite Eyeshadow Palette

Unifeye Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Unifeye Volumizing Mascara

Brash Brow Eyebrow Mascara in Dark Chocolate

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26 replies
  1. Megan B
    Megan B says:

    Literally no one nails this style of makeup like you do , Carli is a close second but other than you guys the rest of the beauty gurus are miles behind .

  2. Lauren Jade Beauty
    Lauren Jade Beauty says:

    Anything is easy if you know how to do it! I def look up to your work – But let’s not disrespect the eyeshadow game let’s have a little respect because there’s nothing easy and simple about the eyeshadow game it takes people years to get good years! Now I know it makes these beauty people feel really good that they could say how easy it is because then you know the other people that are watching feel like absolute idiots and then of course and elevates the person that says oh it’s so easy well you and I both know there’s nothing easy about the eyeshadow game! But anything is easy if you know how to do it but you know what all those people that are saying how easy it is it took them years to learn how to do that and the easier somebody makes it look more years they put in it’s a simple as that

  3. DoraSometimes
    DoraSometimes says:

    Damn! DAMN! I knew I loved you for your skills and personality….but in this video you're somehow outshining yourself! Yeah, I know it's not really possible, but maybe a bit of liquor have to do something with my judgement 🙄😜
    Nevertheless, I love you to pieces and wish nothing but the best (of the best!)
    Sending you lots of love from Croatia ❤️
    Sorry, had to add: you look bju-ti-ful! (you'll know how to read precisely-duh, anyone will know, but that's not my point- it because Armenian and Croatian are Slavic languages and we don't have English pronunciation of alphabet…right?!)🥰

  4. Jennifer Rivera
    Jennifer Rivera says:

    I just found u n I'm so excited that I did!. I have to, embarrassingly, admit that I didn't think I'd like u. I was proven wrong n actually find u quite down to earth n likable! Besides being gorgeous ur vibe is really chill!.. Will prob be binge watching u (in a non creepy/stalker way! Lol)! 🔥💋💛

  5. chels marie
    chels marie says:

    Do you have any recommendations when it comes to purchasing & where to purchase brushes made of real hair? What are your favorite brands?
    Lastly, are there any affordable sets out here that you'd approve of? 😁😊

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