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hi my loves! this is one of the most requested video ever! you guys always wanted to know my facial hair removal journey so here it is! 💖 I went in-depth about my facial hair and why its caused and also talked about my struggles with it! I hope you all like this video and find it helpful! xx

Watch the video till the end so you will know everything about my facial hair removal struggles and what really works best? Is it shaving, waxing, threading, electrolysis or laser?

if you have any questions or suggestions please comment them down below, I try my best to read every single comment!


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lots of love
manal 🧁

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32 replies
  1. ManalMuffin
    ManalMuffin says:

    I forgot to mention this important point in the video- once you complete your monthly sessions for laser hair removal, you will then have to visit for “follow up” sessions. That could vary from person to person. Some follow up sessions are after every 3 months. Slowly your follow up sessions reduce to once a year. This is why I said laser hair removal is a life time investment. Its a long term commitment but so worth it!
    P.s- everything i mentioned in the video is MY experience. Your experience can be different and doesn’t necessarily have to be the same!
    Lots of love ❤️

  2. Kanchan Patil
    Kanchan Patil says:

    Hey , it was very useful vdo but I've some questions though
    1. Did u feel hard & rough texture around chin & face side area ya upper lips , did u just feel like how men's skin happen after shaving ?¿
    I'm done with my 1'st sessions & I'm just worried about it plz do reply 🙂

  3. Happy Days
    Happy Days says:

    M having pcod, n m taking laser for last 3 yrs ish….. When should I stop taking laser n start shaving my face…. Please answer m very curious

  4. She J
    She J says:

    Wow thank you so much for this. I had a thought of doing this because my i have ingrown hair and thick hairs especially on my lips and chin. Just got through a divorce and i got a feeling my hormones play a role in this problem. Now i am confident that laser works. Happy to know but 💸💸💸.
    Also you said shaving. That worries me. Isnt shaving bad? And will make your hair thicker

  5. Harman Singh
    Harman Singh says:

    I am Sikh nd removal of hair is not allowed in sikhism…nd people used to told me that aren't u ashamed of ur body hair..nd I confidentaly told them nooo…nd they were like…I was like if I am ashamed of my body hair then why I wore tshirts man..

  6. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    How do you cope between the first few sessions when they ask you not to remove your hair? I’m thinking about laser hair removal but I get so self conscious about it that I don’t think I could leave it alone for a month at a time

  7. Suman Chohan
    Suman Chohan says:

    Hi Manal
    I am attending facial laser hair removal session. Sometimes people at work stare at me….is your cheek side front of ear side…..looked like shave…like after shaving look…

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