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Top Rated Korean Makeup
I enjoy testing makeup from different parts of the world because they offer different makeup products that are really unique. Today, I’m testing Korean makeup everything from base primer, cushion foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lip products that have a velvet finish. There are some gems that perform really well throughout the day and other makeup products just didn’t make the mark. What are some of your favorite Korean makeup brands?


Products Used/Mentioned:
*Huachi Spa Headband:
*Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer:
*Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact (light pink):
*Etude House Big Cover Skin Fit Concealer (light vanilla, neutral vanilla):
*Banila Co Hydrating Finish Powder (Hydrating and Matte Finish):
*Too Cool for School ArtClass by Rodin Shading:
*Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher:
*Clio Prism Air Highlighter & Blusher (gold sheer):
*Clio Pro Eye Shadow Palette (into lace; street pastel):
*TONYMOLY Gel Eyeliner (brown):
*Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara:
*Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara (black):
*Aesthetica Brow Sculpting Duo – Eyebrow Definer/Brow Gel (true blonde):
*Etude House Drawing Eye Brow (#7 light brown):
*Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Lipstick (bestie pink; naturally healthy):
*It’S SKIN Colorable Draw Tint (retro nude; bestie duo):

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Hi, and welcome to my channel! I am a Beauty Addict and love to create how-to beauty tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, Fashion, and some dry humor parodies. I try to make my videos informative, creative and most importantly entertaining. I love interacting with my viewers. Let’s get to know each other.
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25 replies
  1. Joan Smith
    Joan Smith says:

    Ty great video .. foundation looked so beautiful 😻 I’m interested but not sure it’s worth the price .. if it don’t last keep me posted also it did look yellow as u put it on but ok when fully on .. do u think u could have gone up a color take away that yellow ?? Did u know it’s spf 50 too that is nice 👍 also WHY are comments calling the concealer saem brand ??

  2. Judy P
    Judy P says:

    You give the best reviews of the products that you use. I love how thorough you are. Side note…. I have the same headband and I love it. It’s so soft and it looks pretty.

  3. madoka or
    madoka or says:

    I’m East Asian and majority of my friends and families use minimal to no makeup. Usually we start putting a bit more as we age because that’s when we need some “help” 😆😂 We focus on skincare though. I’m already educating my daughter the same thing since she’s born in the States I’m hoping she doesn’t put a ton of makeup like the girls here. I want her to look young and natural.

  4. 劉兆斌
    劉兆斌 says:

    It's no surprise that K beauty is softer and on the subtle side, what I don't understand is when you basically set your whole eye with a light shadow and accuse the darker shadow not showing.

  5. Destany Buxton
    Destany Buxton says:

    Korean eyeshadow is expensive for what it is and what it is is the sheer "no make up makeup look" kind of makeup. If you want highly pigmented makeup, try OVANAF Beauty's eyeshadows. They are PIG-MENT-ED! A 5 pan compact is like $6.00 and a 15 pan palette is $8.00 (the 15 pan is the size of an average adult hand.) They only formulate cream products atm but they are worth a try! I got their Halloween Palette a few years ago and I'm still digging into it. Although, in 2018, the palette was $24.00 not $6.00 and the company was called Nana Anns Beauty Products. But now the company has a new owner and the prices are reduced by at least 50% on most of their products. Check them out. Also try their best selling sugar scrubs 17ml for $2.00 and 4oz for $8.00.

    Main Brands Facebook Page (Beauty and Household products)
    Their Makeup Brand Facebook Page

    Each item is formulated to wear anywhere on the face and body and created for both men and woman.

    If you can please review them. There are many products I havent tried yet and honestly even for the ones I have tried, I'd love to see what your opinions are on them. Oh, sadly they are only US Based BUT I heard from another beauty guru youtuber that if an beauty guru influencer youtubers majority fanbase is based in US, they will ship a PR box to the youtuber despite distance.

    Omg I know this sounds like an ad but I swear its not. I just have tried a few of their products and they are amazing with great prices!

  6. Rashelley Morgan
    Rashelley Morgan says:

    Korean Eyeshadows are not meant to blend, they are supposed to be light and sheer because they like the natural look. Although, the prices for "natural look" or "no makeup makeup look" makeup is ridiculously expensive when the pigment is quit low. Ii hope that they filler ingredients are worth that steep price.

  7. Teresa Ross
    Teresa Ross says:

    I feel like you need more…. education on Korean skincare and makeup. I think you look fabulous. I love your videos but you always seem to expect everything to superglue to you and be perfect and we all know that is just a girls wet dream

  8. LA
    LA says:

    Why would you brush all colors of bronzer or blush into your brush/pad. Which would create an entire colour, in itself, unknown?! 🤔😳🤷

  9. Lea Robles
    Lea Robles says:

    K-beauty products are the bomb! I love them so much. They look sooo natural upon application but still very buildable. That’s why most Korean makeup tend to gravitate toward the neutral colors for a more natural overall look. Very subtle. The thing I like about the products so much is that most of them are makeup + skincare in 1! 😅

    The point to K-beauty is the “no makeup” makeup look. And there is a huge difference with the eyeshadow application with Western makeup. This look actually wears well on you! 💖

  10. looksbynara
    looksbynara says:

    I think the eye shadows are not as pigmented as we Westerns are used to because their kind of makeup is very natural. They don't usually wear bright and pigmented shadows so I think they work how they should. Beautiful look😍😍

  11. Claire Cook
    Claire Cook says:

    Thought this was gonna be a Korean skincare video because of how flawless your skin is lol, it’s SO nice to see influencers with blonde eyebrows & eyelashes with paaaaaale skin cuz every girl (including me) is told my blonde eyebrows & eyelashes & skin color is gross but when I see it on you you look stunning! I know talking about a lack of representation in media is a conversation that doesn’t normally center around pale people (as it shouldn’t , there is so much more injustice and prejudice to fight for WOC in the beauty community & our societies’ forced expectations of what women should look like) but it is genuinely healing to me to see that a “ghostly” complexion can be beautiful

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