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It’s a maintenance trifecta: UNDER EYE FILLER, BOTOX, & LASER HAIR REMOVAL, for dark skin. I’ve been getting under eye filler for the last four years, this is my second time doing Botox, and this is my 11th laser hair removal session. Spend the day with me getting beauty maintenance treatments and also get updated up to two weeks post my appointment in this vlog.

Video edited by @coreyiel.ellis:

0:00 Intro
0:21 Laser Hair Update
1:06 Quick Filler & Botox History
1:41 Numbing Cream
2:16 Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin
2:37 Filler & Botox Consultation
4:24 Filler with Restylane Lyft
4:36 Botox
5:05 Minutes Later
6:08 Laser Hair Removal Info
7:21 Pricing
8:25 Hours Later Update
9:45 Four Days Post Update
11:56 2 Weeks Post + More Laser Hair Removal Info

Laser Hair Removal playlist:

Under Eye Filler playlist:

Botox video:

Under Eye Discoloration:

Cosmetic Procedure Pricing:

Cat woman intro video:

Dr Michelle Henry (my derm)
Harvard and Mount Sinai Trained Dermatologic surgeon
120 east 56th street #1500 New York, New York

1. Where can I find a Black dermatologist or esthetician?

Watch this video:

2. How much does filler cost?
Costs can vary by where you live, the type of filler you get, where you get the filler, how much filler you need, the dermatologist you go to, etc. For a range of price for filler and other cosmetic procedures, check out this video:

3. How long do fillers last?
Can depend on a number of factors but typically up to a year. Mine last about a year.

Hair: Big chop hair (Black woman owned biz) use code STYLEDOC for. discount
24″ Danni wig

Earrings: Adorn New York (Black woman owned biz)

Sunglasses: Tom Ford Christophe (old)

Glasses: Celine via Utenzi Miller (Black woman owned biz)

Bonnet: Crown and Luxe (Black woman owned biz)



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49 replies
  1. ani ashley
    ani ashley says:

    Love the video! I do Botox twice a year and filler every 2 years and look like I’m in my mid 30’s and I’m 43! I look natural and I love it!

  2. LadyO
    LadyO says:

    Hey love, somehow I happened upon your channel. Kudos to you documenting your procedures. I am all for these type of treatments. I agree with you regarding the Laser HR. My 5th treatment, I was like you, “what in the werewolf is going on” 😂 😂. So glad I found you; I’ve subscribed… God Bless

  3. I Isaac
    I Isaac says:

    Lol botox! Girl. I thought that was the white lady fix… Ive gotten laser on my face and full Brazilian, currently working on lower legs, and Ive never needed any numbing cream. The only suggestion I didnt hear you say is make sure you do laser before your grey hairs come in! Very much so worth the money. I put ALL of my surplus (time, money, energy) into my body/skin, its definitely changed my life.

  4. Healthy Finesse
    Healthy Finesse says:

    I really never knew black/brown people did this till I came on YouTube😱. I really never thought black people needed all this fillers , botox , bum implants etc . 😂.

  5. Alexis A
    Alexis A says:

    can you make a video on the steps you need in a skin care routine? like “#1 u need a …… then after that you need to get/use a ….” and etc.?

  6. T
    T says:

    I got undereye filler last fall for my birthday after being inspired by your previous post. Thank you so much much for your honest account and sharing of your beauty not so secrets🤗. I now have separate yearly eye filler fund😂😂 no one will tell I look tired again. Thanks sis

  7. Phoenix
    Phoenix says:

    What was the pain level on the filler? 1 is no pain,10 most pain. I cringed when the needle inserted into your skin. 😬 I know I am such a big baby.

  8. Tiyya S
    Tiyya S says:

    Not you cursing somebody out in the beginning of the video 😭😂😂💀💀! I swear we’re the same! Like, MOVE and use your blinkers!

  9. Jennifer Eldridge
    Jennifer Eldridge says:

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Whew! Dem needles 😩😩😩
    I do stare at my under eye circles and wonder if I should bother…
    I'm considering lasik surgery but even that scares the hell outta me 😩😩😩😩😩

  10. tina w.
    tina w. says:

    thanks for showing us this. i noticed when you put up the disclaimer about taking out the filler footage to avoid demonitization that your skin was blurry. was that a filter you put on purpose or something to do with the demonitization?

  11. Talisa3636
    Talisa3636 says:

    Yes you are the definition of the refreshed skin that so many people want! Dr. Henry does a great job! I agree with you on having a great dermatologist especially since their prescriptions are oftentimes cheaper and more affective than some pricey prestige brands lol. I’m still in the chemical peel and laser hair removal stage of getting my skin done annually for maintenance. Game changer!

  12. Arica Michelle
    Arica Michelle says:

    I have been wondering if you had PCOS. I have PCOS and wondered if it had ever crossed ur mind. We have very similar "issues" in addition to the same skin tone. I've been thinkin of gettin laser hair removal for a long time and have so many questions. Thanks again for another great and informative video.

  13. mickey M
    mickey M says:

    Thanks for being transparent about this process. I’m thinking of getting a little bit of something. This is so informative to what the process looks and feels like. People always say black don’t crack and that’s probably true but everyone has a right to age however they so choose. No one owns your face or body.

  14. Amber D.
    Amber D. says:

    Laser hair seems like a good option for me..all these plucking has left me with hyperpigmentation smh thanks for the video and Happy Valentine’s Day love ❤️

  15. Kara Cee
    Kara Cee says:

    This was so helpful! I love how subtle the tweaks are. I really need laser hair for my chin hairs 🤦🏾‍♀️. I saw your tweezing tik tok on Insta and felt attacked 😂. I was wondering what you would suggest for neck tree trunk lines? The pandemic has not been very kind to my neck. We don’t know her. I see a lot of people suggesting RF, thermage, etc. But I think RF is not good for darker skin tones or anyone on the Fitzpatrick scale higher than a 3?

  16. Jade Lotus
    Jade Lotus says:

    Hi Dr, happy Valentine’s Day .
    Also what is your opinion, is mid-twenties too young for under eye filler because it looks as if l have tear trough?💉💉💉

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