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All You need to know about Laser Hair Removal – My Visit to Vcare Hair and Skin Clinic – You can contact +91 9094288888 for all your Hair and Skin concerns.

Are you sick of being embarrassed about your unwanted body or facial hair? For some of you, natural hair removal using turmeric could be a great help. But, in some cases, it doesn’t help.

Find out what are various techniques to hair removal in the latest vlog of Anitha Sampath. Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Anitha brings you permanent solutions for hair removal.

Watch “Laser Hair Removal Method” on Anitha Sampath Vlogs.

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39 replies
  1. Ambalam Arasan
    Ambalam Arasan says:

    Hi anitha ungala ennoda ponnu partha udana Bigg boss la vantha anitha akkanu solva kandu piduchuttu!!! Master padathula kuda varuvinganu ninaikiran!!!unga voice and kavithai very super in Bigg boss la!!!god bless u!!!sensitive person ur like me!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  2. gun idiot's
    gun idiot's says:

    Nice video I like it pls tell us hey guys loudly happy with joly mood smile 🙂😊we know ur promblem sis but we want bold anitha sampath back

  3. v charu
    v charu says:

    Vcare 👿worst experience in my life… Don't waste ur money… Kasu matum dhan pochu… Inum hair increase aanathu dhan micham…

  4. priyanka Ravichandran
    priyanka Ravichandran says:

    Nega lum money kaga advertising panna start panitingala , nega money kaga suggest panna matinga , normal as a people ah solvinga nu viewers all belived you .. please try to be like sai pallavi actress. We can follow some people good ways .

  5. shanmuga jasmine
    shanmuga jasmine says:

    V care suththa waste.. en friend hair care kaga anga pona…13 sittings vara sonnanga…. neraiya money selavu pani hair loss aayduchu…. don't go there friends… Don't waste your money in Vcare

  6. ajith klm
    ajith klm says:

    Ne yeen de ipadi advertisement panni money earn pantra saniyane ethuvum again oru velambaram v care ku, not your youtube subscriber vlog make pannala

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