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today I have some Valentine’s day nail ideas!

colors used :
(main pink color) zoya-“cami”

(glossy top coat) OPI top coat *

(matte top coat) OPI matte top coat *

(black) OPI-“Black Onyx” *

(gold glitter)China Glaze-“big hair and bubbly” *

(white) OPI- “Alpine Snow” *

(pink glitter)- floss gloss-“pink nugget”



Striping tape *

Nail barrier/protector (tape around nail) *


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33 replies
  1. Nancy C
    Nancy C says:

    More beautiful works. Its been a long time since I have really been artistic with my nails, just have been doing the basics, thank you for bringing back the inspiritation.

  2. BlessedandBeautiful 83
    BlessedandBeautiful 83 says:

    This channel is so underrated. When awards are given out for beat YouTube videos this has to be first in line. I probably will never try this but the hope and confidence her videos give me to try is second to none. 🥰♥️♥️🙏🏽

  3. Jennifer Palmatier
    Jennifer Palmatier says:

    Are you using regular polish or gel? I bought the Sally Hansen Matte top coat that you use and I'm pretty sure it's regular? I could be wrong. I'm always amazed that you come up with such creative looks! So gorgeous!

  4. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    Hooray! Nail designs that aren't simply the nail divided in half horizontally or vertically but diagonal! And off center! I love them!

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