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49 replies
  1. Nur Nur
    Nur Nur says:

    Pls answer I am 19 and want my skin glowy, I can not choose what I should buy. I struggle between this hyaluronlc acid +B5 and between marine hyaluron from the ordinary. Because they say that the marina hyaluron is the lighter version of the acid and its better for teens. But I want a real glowy skin so which one would work better and is glowy? any recommendation?

  2. Grace Son
    Grace Son says:

    I have a few questions. Can you use any of these products with a facial roller with any of these products? Also does any of these recommends talk about sunscreen products. Cause I am looking for some

  3. purple sparks
    purple sparks says:

    Okay, I've been rewatching your video and I finally caved in yesterday and bought some products. The others are on the way. I'm already doing the cleanser, toner, and the hyaluronic acid. Also, I already had the Squalane plant oil, so I use that at the end. Should the moisturizer be the last step even after the face oil?

  4. Daisy Diaz
    Daisy Diaz says:

    I have the exact skin care routine but I also have the niacinamide solution could that be incorporated into my skincare routine with these products?

  5. Amanda Forbes
    Amanda Forbes says:

    My skin is SO dry now and I haven’t really ever had a skincare routine before. I’ve looked at the ordinary brand but it is so confusing to figure out what you need for dry skin LOL. Thank you so much for this video, I’ve added everything to my cart as I’ve watched and can’t wait to start doing this! This is hands down one of the best skincare routine videos I’ve seen! ❤️

  6. Karen Singh
    Karen Singh says:

    Hey Tina, loved watching your skincare routine! One piece of advice I have is to use a second moisturizer on top of a thin layer of the NMF moisturizer since it contains HA + you are using HA serum as well. I use Cerave moisturizing cream as my "extra layer". The reason for this is because HA loves to take in water from the environment, so if you live somewhere dry, it doesn't take in much moisture from the environment and instead seeks water from your skin which can actually dry it out and do more damage in the long run (a dermatologist explained this to me). Cerave moisturizing cream contains water that the HA can take in and will benefit your skin in the long run. You have beautiful skin by the way! Enjoyed watching this. xo

  7. Yasmine _
    Yasmine _ says:

    Hiii after waiting weeks for the toner to re stock it finally did! I just want to say thank you so much for this skin care routine I literally bought everything you recommended and it did wonders to my skin! 💞

  8. Jo T
    Jo T says:

    hi! loved your video !! I'm fairly new to skincare routine and so sorry if this is a dumb question, but is this routine done every night? or just certain days of the week? and can this be done for morning routine as well?😅

  9. Malaika Tokir
    Malaika Tokir says:

    Does this also help clearing up your skin and help with pigmentation? Because I have a bit of dark patches on my face and I get quite a few spots but I have dry skin also so 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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