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Use code KHAN50 for $50 off your very own Kenzzi! — I’ve had the worst random thick hairs pop up on my chin & neck over the past year or so, wahhh! With life being so busy AND the pandemic, I wanted an at-home solution!

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FTC: Sponsored by Kenzzi, opinions are my own & I’m super excited for this hair removal journey! I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

19 replies
  1. P Nutz
    P Nutz says:

    Kinda happy I didn't just experience the odd few prickly hairs on my neck. I started to get them randomly when I was around 18/19 on my double chin literally just on the left side only I also had to pluck them as it was only a few but it would leave ingrown scars like yours. Now it's been 4 years since I been using Tria at home and hands down legit the best thing ever! I used to have thick, dark, prickly hairs now I have fine peach fuzz on my double chin, chin and upper lip and only do it once a week. I'm a wuss so If I did it on the highest setting (5) I would have seen instant results and would only use it once a month but I can't take pain lol! 😭😅 p.s I've never ever gone to salons to get it professionally done either… 💜

  2. wahiba T
    wahiba T says:

    Hi. I have a home hair removal device from the brand wetty and I am afraid to try. If you have information, advise me of it. Also, is there a difference between women’s and men's devices?

  3. Monika Prasad
    Monika Prasad says:

    Omg story of my life!! Those thick pesky beard hairs!! They’ve left this horrible scare on my chin as well from constantly picking at it and plucking and just tearing the skin from being so thick when plucked out!! I have had laser hair removal done at a clinic but with covid I couldn’t keep it up. So I have been meaning to purchase something to be able to use at home but I’m so scared to use it on my face! Especially with my Indian skin! So prone to scarring! 😩 looking forward to hearing how it works for you! Xx

  4. Mera A
    Mera A says:

    IPL is not laser hair removal so the title is major click bait. Americans are always so misinformed. I used to work in Aesthetics, IPL is Intense Pulsed Light which is a gimmick compared to laser hair removal which is the real deal. Laser requires a top up every 6 months or so once the initial course is complete so imagine how regular you have to be with IPL – for life lol.

  5. hyprsyko
    hyprsyko says:

    I went full on 5 the first time I used it, I was like YOLO loll. It really works though, I'm so happy but it hurts like a bitch on armpits.

  6. Iris Cv
    Iris Cv says:

    I am on week 6 with mine! I am doing my entire body lol! I can definitely see a difference on my legs and one of my armpits!! I still have a lot to go but be consistent it works

  7. Kelly J
    Kelly J says:

    You’re gorgeous girl! I’ve been debating getting this device. I struggle with facial hair being an East Indian woman! Also, like you I’m a picker which I’ve been trying to stop but it’s so hard. You’re gorgeous! Thank you for sharing about your facial hair issues!

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