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Tanologist Application Demo & Comparison | Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Water, Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse, Tanologist Face + Body Gradual Self Tan Drops. Before & After Pictures. How To. Tanologist vs. Loving Tan Review.


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-Tanologist Self Tan Water Review:
-Tanologist Face + Body Self Tan Drops Review:

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Products Mentioned:
– Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Water:
– Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse:
– Tanologist Face + Body Drops, Self Tan Drops:

Product Info:
Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Water:
Mist n’ Glow with our Self-Tan Water. We’ve bottled an effortless Golden Hour Glow with this transparent multi-use self-tan mist for face & body. Lottie loves using hers as a glowy, makeup setting spray. Application is quick, easy & mess free. Just mist onto skin and blend. Available in 3 adaptable shades, choose yours based on your desired end-result: Light Glow, Medium Tan & Dark Bronze.

Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse:
Skin feelin’ thirsty? Hydrate while you tan with our vitamin infused Self-Tan Mousse. Our transparent water-to-foam formula is the easiest way to achieve an all over, flawless bronze. The lightweight foam glides onto skin- for a tan that’s both fast-drying & mess-free. Once developed, your glow will last up to one week and fades evenly like your sun tan would. Each bottle is express, so for a light glow, wash off after 2 hours. For the deepest bronze max it out overnight before showering. Available in 3 adaptable shades, choose yours based on your desired end-result: Light Glow, Medium Tan & Dark Bronze.

– Tanologist Face + Body Drops, Self Tan Drops:
Came through DROPPIN’: Meet our concentrated Self-Tan Drops.
Designed to be mixed with your skincare, makeup or bodycare, the drops are easy to apply & 100% customisable. This flexible formulation is perfect for both newbies & experienced tanners. There are so many ways to glow from just one bottle. The more drops you add = the darker your tan. Getting that vacay bronze has never been easier! Using 2-12 drops, you can choose the level of glow you wanna go. Available in 3 adaptable shades, choose yours based on your desired end-result and reapply as often as you need: Light Glow, Medium Tan & Dark Bronze.

Tanologist’s Note on No Color Guard:
-No colour guide means:
-No blocked pores
-No drying effect on the skin
-No tan-transfer onto sheets or clothes

This video is a review and comparison of the Tanologist Self Tanner products including the Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Water, Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse, and Tanologist Face + Body Gradual Self Tan Drops. In this video I show how to apply Tanologist Mousse, Water & Drops, and show before and afters of all Tanologist self tanners. I compare key attributes of each of these self tanners such as: ease of application, how dark the self tanners get, if the color looks like a natural bronzed tan or if it turns orange, if they get streaky, if they transfer onto clothes and/or sheets, if they have an unpleasant smell, how long they last, and how they fade. If you’re trying to figure out which Tanologist Self Tanner is the best, and which Tanologist Express Tan product I recommend the most, this video is perfect for you!


FTC: This video is not in collaboration with any brands. If you decide to purchase any products from this video, it would mean SO much to me if you used my links. This gives me a small commission to continue to purchase new products to review for you all on this channel. Thank you so much for your love & support 💕


46 replies
  1. Kaylie B
    Kaylie B says:

    Which one do you get the most uses out of?? I’m also 5’10 so a lot of self tanner doesn’t last as long. And btw thanks for this video it’s really helpful and I like how you go into detail on every product!!

  2. Meghan Peck
    Meghan Peck says:

    Thank you for this video!! Im a rookie self tanner and i bought the mouse and love it. What would you do if you were traveling to a beach vacation for 8 days? if the tanner last 5-6 days would you layer it on mid trip or would you have to scrub it all off and reapply? Im stressed about it haha! any tips would help! ive been thinking about doing the mousse the night before we leave an bring a gradual sel tan lotion like lux unfiltered. im not sure how it would apply over it though. yikes!

  3. Riley Sheedy
    Riley Sheedy says:

    Unfortunately there is a lingering smell. Like most tanners. I have showered twice since applying and I still smell it. Also the “ light “ once is not that light. And I am a little orange. If you mess up it won’t come off with rubbing alcohol.

  4. sarahhbethhxo1294
    sarahhbethhxo1294 says:

    Hi! I just bought the mousse! I know you mentioned having to apply 2 layers. I'm also 5'10", so I was wondering how many uses/applications do you think you get from a bottle of mousse? Thanks!

  5. Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes says:

    Great review. You are so pretty. Tanologist has an extra dark mousse in Ulta now. I have never self tanned in my life but that sounds like a good one. I would hate the mess 🙂

  6. Rachel Hill
    Rachel Hill says:

    Do you think the water mist tan could be good for a light mist over the face to get color or would it be too intense. I used the St. Tropez tanning water (for face) and it was great but not sure how you thought this product would do with that technique.

  7. Grass Roots
    Grass Roots says:

    A tip I learned the hard way… don't spray while on carpet! It didn't stain my carpet, it stained my feet and I couldn't figure it out until the next time I sprayed. Haha! I used lotion on the top of my foot to do the barrier but not on the bottom of my feet. It was hysterical and not sure it was worth not missing a minute of the movie!

  8. Devin Deapen
    Devin Deapen says:

    How are the drops on your face? I just bought both the tanning water and drops, and I was thinking of using the water on my body and the drops on my face & neck

  9. Kaitlyn Bailey
    Kaitlyn Bailey says:

    Your eyes are so pretty! Are they natural or are you wearing colored contacts?? I have blue eyes myself and i was thinking of getting contracts so they “pop” more

  10. Emily W
    Emily W says:

    I just got the light shade for the mist and I just did the first application. Once I wash it off do you know if applying it the next day will make it darker? Or should I purchase the darker shade and use that?

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