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I’m Indonesian
Camera: Canon 6D, Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, Canon G7X Mark II
Age: 24

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33 replies
  1. Riesta Dizsalmia Putri
    Riesta Dizsalmia Putri says:

    'pantes kulitnya bagus, skincare nya mahal bngt', 'dompet ak g kuat', 'jiwa kemiskinanku bergetar'

    girls, u can buy skincare products yg sesuai dg budget kalian. lagian kak Steph juga nga suruh kalian harus plek ngikutin skincare routienenya dia sama se-produk"nya. she just share her skincare routine as u guys ask. kenali dulu aja kulit kalian dan apa yg dibutuhkan oleh kulit kalian. kalo cocok juga pasti akan memberikan hasil yg bagus juga buat kalian. bukan berarti produk mahal itu udh pasti bagus, karena respons tiap kulit org pasti beda". so, stop say that if u read or watch skincare routine or review.

  2. Florence Sink
    Florence Sink says:

    I loved your work so much! I've been trying to find for a knowledgable vid like yours that educates the ideas in this YouTube vid! 🙌 👨‍⚕️Your lesson totally reminds me of the vids of Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan's explanations are for sure insightful and he really helped me a lot on my diet. He is the helpful Dr in Europe and he teaches conditions and diabetes.

    Go check out his page out and give Dr Ethan a like! ➡️ #FutureDoctorEthan

  3. Nona Gemai
    Nona Gemai says:

    Foreo tau foreo dr dulu😭 cuma ya harganya mahal bgt meskipun sesuai manfaatnya sih): cm insyaallah ada cuan buat beli nunggu kerja.. semangat!

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