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I am really sadden to see all this Youtube makeup tutorial craziness. I dislike the way girls in the last couple of years learn about makeup. It looks like they hardly put any brain into it. And what’s up with the term Beauty Guru!? How the hell can you know how to apply makeup if you’ve only ever done it on yourself!?

I decided to do a rant video, because I think girls should think more when it comes to applying makeup. The world became too much about admiring someone else’s beauty. Women in order to be beautiful follow ridiculous recommendations from »beauty gurus« who do more damage than good. Next time when you are fascinated about some drag queen makeup and you want to recreate it on yourself, think about it one more time.

I understand that you girls like to compete in your makeup skills with other girls, but we guys don’t like this new trend. You freak us out with too much contouring, 3D eyebrows and perfection in the daylight. How come can you even buy into the makeup tricks of girls who obviously get paid to use certain products? We don’t live in a theatre, we live in the real world!

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  1. ivi wow
    ivi wow says:

    First od all – technical deatails of doing makeup ale freaking fascinating. Second – i'm glad you're still on YouTube. I love makeup for cinema or TV. Makeup artists makes actresses so beautifull and unique. You do basically the same – taking unique faces and making them even more unique. That's art.

  2. Rashmi Raj
    Rashmi Raj says:

    Wow I love your video♥️ I seriously seriously hate makeup video tutorials, it makes me wanna puke ! I am a woman myself and I don't wear make up at all except for a lipstick may be. The reason I don't feel like myself if I wear makeup. But if I ever wanna wear it ..I like the natural look. I mean make up tutorials have sooo many views and it looks soo bad like drag queens..these women are making young girls think they can look hot or pretty only by wearing makeup ! We are setting the wrong precedent to the younger generation. Natural beauty is so underated. Some women say they wear make up to cover their pimples or blemishes…but by using makeup , they are just making their skin worse. N trust since Ur guy , if u wear make on yourself like a drag queen…u ll get more followers…that's how pple are. They go behind the weird. Normal simple looking pple are not attractive anymore!!! I loved Ur rant !! I can feel Ur emotions! Following you

  3. Carolyn Wansley
    Carolyn Wansley says:

    I found your channel looking for real life makeup. I don't live in a night club, and don't want to look like a drag Queen. I hope you keep teaching us. I love that you use real women. BTW, u were so right about the cat eye. I learned that from you and appreciate your experience.

  4. Miriana Dimitrova
    Miriana Dimitrova says:

    Please don`t stop even if you don`t hit your target subscriber number! Consider it charity work 🙂 There are soo many people that can benefit of hearing your message, especially the younger girls. I know it`s really discouraging when talented people are not recognized but at the end of the day you stand for what you believe in! ❤️

  5. Sophia Summer
    Sophia Summer says:

    You are absolutely right! And be encouraged! It takes time to grow a channel and it’s especially hard when young girls watch the Kardashians and think that that is the definition of beauty when it is not. It have learned so much from you! And I hope your channel grows big in 2019 because young girls need to hear another voice in the beauty industry that isn’t making them feel crappy about themselves.

  6. Fareeha Hussain
    Fareeha Hussain says:

    ur techiques of doing is quite impressive and different.these r really easy to do and r natural
    .Also ur way of explaining is very good.u also explained well about hooded eyes.keep doing ur work for the betterment of people without any reward from the people coz people will returns u very less.May Allah Pak showers His blessings upon u with countless rewards .thanx..regards

  7. 方玥
    方玥 says:

    Hey, i just discover your channel, and loving it for it is USEFUL, for me and my daily life.
    Things thats wrong about youtube is, it is more entertaining than being here and sharing skills.
    I get that life is more complicated than just making videos, but you and channels like you are the reason that people like me still love youtube, and still stay and watch.

    Dont know if you will see this comment, but hopefully you could achieve your goals and I for one really appreciate great CONTENT, so your video have been helping me.


  8. Harpreet Kaur
    Harpreet Kaur says:

    You are amazing…. your technique s are the best so far I have seen , different make up for different faces,eyes your tutorials are simple ,shot and informative…love from India

  9. Think big
    Think big says:

    Regarding makeup, I only subscribed your channel. I love the way you make it simple and easy. In everyday we don't wear such heavy makeup. Your are best makeup artist.

  10. la absenceofcol
    la absenceofcol says:

    Ive avoided makeup like the plague until recent years as Im visibly aging at 44/45. Therefore I dont have the experience or knowledge to apply makeup. I dont want to look like someone else completely and I just cant tolerate instagram eyebrows etc. Looks horrific.
    Im finding ur tutorials fantastic and down to earth and natural. I dont like fakery at all so ur vids, down to the simple way ur filming them, do the trick. And ive only just found u today after such a long time being nauseated by these self proclaimed gurus.
    Ive no idea how to up ur views etc but would love to help. I guess i can just post ur links where possible…(showing my age here lol)
    Bless u, ur a doll

  11. Angela
    Angela says:

    Hi! I'm so happy to have found your channel! I agree with you. A lot of the undeserved success on youtube is earned by those lucky ones who started early. Wayne Goss, who happened to also have started quite early, is one who isn't a super gorgeous teenage girl, but is quite successful. I don't like him much though because he makes animal derived brushes and market them as cruelty free and blah blah. but i think his marketing for his image and brand are brilliant

  12. R Bruno
    R Bruno says:

    I am watching this video in 2018 and I very much like your videos on makeup. Myself also don't like heavy makeup, I am very much about enhancing your natural beauty. What I have notice though regarding your videos is that the titel in the thumbnail of the videos is very much other then in the description, maybe that is why there are no much views of them. And the titel schoud be relevant and catchi of what you do in the video for ex. Makeup for Brown hooded eyes. Have a nice day 😊

  13. Jessica Machak
    Jessica Machak says:

    This video just came up in my recommended, and you made it over 3 years ago. This video made me subscribe to you, so PLEASE don’t quit making videos. I adore your honesty and how blunt you are about speaking out against these “beauty guru’s”. I would much rather learn from an actual artist, not some paid for “guru”. ❤️😘

  14. Silvia Johanidesova
    Silvia Johanidesova says:

    Totally agree with you,the thing is just that in america,where do most “beauty gurus” come from,they really wear this heavy crazy make up where we European we are different.There are a lot of videos from this US beauty bloggers making videos where they compare for exampe how girls/women wear make up in US and Paris.But like US,the same is Dubai etc.I’m also kind of natural girl,love trying,buying and wearing make up but the most tutorials,they just don’t work for me and for a short time I just tought I’m not that pretty or my eyes are not the right shape and shit shit I will never be able to create such a pretty look on me.It’s not true 🙂 it’s all about the know how and knowing yourself.Also thank you for the great job you’re doing and please never stop because I love your videos and I’m learning a lot from you and also love they positive way you talk❤️

  15. Mimi Von Snatch
    Mimi Von Snatch says:

    Maybe you should work on your own content and stop complaining about how other people do their makeup. Just a tip. Time changes and people aren't into natural makeup anymore. Get with the times. Just because you don't like it that doesn't mean other people don't like it.

  16. Shikha Ch
    Shikha Ch says:

    This is very old video to comment but still I want to…. I a wanted to learn makeup from long time and started watching different makeup videos from last one year but it turns up side down and my skin has changed like nothing. I am glad I found your channel and my way towards makeup has changed completely. Thank you… pls don’t stop making like a charity to save us from drowning. Love you.
    One more thing I like to mention. If there is not enough subscribers It doesn’t mean viewers are not loving your videos. It is also YouTube which is not suggesting your channel to viewers. I am watching makeup videos from last 1.5 years and just before a week your channel came on my suggestion list. Don’t know why it has not came before 😭.

  17. Adanné Willis
    Adanné Willis says:

    I'm actually pleasantly surprised. I thought you were going to trash women who wear makeup like a lot of those men who believe it's simply to look pretty for men. When I found out you were a makeup Artist, I'm reassured because I know you know what you're talking about. Everything you've said makes sense to me and I'm glad we have someone reliable on YouTube.

  18. Hadrian
    Hadrian says:

    You know, you probably do not tag your videos proper way, I can't find other explanation how your channel does not grow as fast as others

  19. Akasha303
    Akasha303 says:

    agree ! van you do a video on your kit like what you basically use. So without all the extra stuff you dont actually use. What you minimal need to do the work 🙂 ( like you said in this video you dont need much )

  20. Di :3
    Di :3 says:

    I couldn't care less for them, particularly because I have downturned hooded eyes and I don't have a glamorous life, I need real life advise!!! Your videos are the ONLY ones that address my questions in an authentic, realistic manner and for that, I am a new subscriber!

  21. HalfLeft Dawn
    HalfLeft Dawn says:

    I know this is an older video – but I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your makeup tutorials. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your video about shimmer shadow on protruding eyes is my favorite, but I will keep watching as long as you make them. 💗💗💗 Happy Holidays 💗💗💗

  22. Lily Snape
    Lily Snape says:

    I completley agree with you. I search videos on youtube, when I wanna do a festive eye make up … and use colours that aren't so glittery or dark…
    I only found really good videos, when they are from stylists/visagists. But they mostly didn't say: Oh, put this colour there in the crease, put that there and this colour and the colours should be frm this special brand, even if it's very high-prized and to high-prized for schoolars.
    They really gave goot tips … for hooded eyes, hereditary under-eye-bags (okay.. that wasn't youtube… it was a blog)… eyeliner especialliy for YOUR type of eye or how to apply Rouge/Bronzer/Highlighter in the right way …

    When I wanna try out some make-up-styles I search for stars and there eyes (I love the way the j-pop or k-pop eye-make-up looks) or for style-books from make-up brands… the rest … is trying out on myself

  23. LucifeL MartelL
    LucifeL MartelL says:

    Lolz, I'm an aliexpress buff and the other day I was checking out their rival online shopping site Browsing their site I actually found silicone sex dolls. ANd the first thing crossed my mind is how girls these days looked incredibly like those silicone sex dolls. :D. I have trust issues with people who put on a lot of makeup.

  24. KJW 1066
    KJW 1066 says:

    This will help your numbers and the attention span of viewers: Get right into the point of the video. Quit babbling on. It's boring and people tune out before you even get to your point

  25. IXOYE
    IXOYE says:

    I subscribed this chanel because i like honesty, i see girls faces as natural as they are and how makeup sticks to them, i like the simplicity of makeup( few things used and not like gazilion stuff that i "must" have), explanations are clear to understand and to the point, and when it's a makeup tutorial intro is short and we go straight to makeup. I like this chanel and i hope it continues.

  26. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    please i am watching your chanel because ,you are the only one show how apply makeup in deep set eyes please dont stop you are really professional,i being try do the same of the others girl but never come up the same so i give up so don't stop doing videos what i like is that you are so original so honest i love you 🙂

  27. Yelena Dembele
    Yelena Dembele says:

    so agree with you , when people call the instagram makeup " the professional makeup " is realy sad , more youtuber professional like you please , i like your work and i am just 17

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