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In today’s video, I am reviewing 2 Palettes from KKW BEAUTY. I am sharing 3 looks using the NEW Crystallized Palette and 2 looks using the NEW Opalescent Palette.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope this review is helpful 🦋



0:00 – Intro / Product Info
3:35 – Crystallized Palette Look #1
7:57 – Crystallized Palette Look #2
12:08 – Crystallized Palette Look #3
15:54 – Opalescent Palette Look #1
19:34 – Opalescent Palette Look #2
22:02 – Swatches
22:36 – Final Thoughts For Crystallized Palette
25:00 – Final Thoughts for Opalescent Palette


✔KKW Beauty Crystallized Palette $45

✔KKW Beauty Opalescent Palette $45


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35 replies
  1. Tracie Warren
    Tracie Warren says:

    Sorry you had a bad reaction!! I experience that with certain purple shadows. It think it’s the red dyes in purple shades which bothers me the most, but it’s not with all purple shadows from every brand, but several.

  2. Terri Cross
    Terri Cross says:

    Tara Lynn! I just got 30% off with the KKW email subscribers only discount (Christmas Day Sale) and this video helped me determine that I 'needed' the Crystalized palette – already bought the Opalescent palette and so glad it does not cause any issues on my eyes because I LOVE the color story. Gorgeous final look on you! Soft, elegant…gorgeous! Thank you for such helpful content and MERRY CHRISTMAS! 😉 Stay well and beautiful, Tara Lynn!

  3. Ava Maria
    Ava Maria says:

    Your looks came out pretty ❤️ I don’t own any KKW but the eyeshadow just doesn’t seem like the quality or pigmentation is any better than Colourpop.

  4. Cc Silva
    Cc Silva says:

    I have the pearl pallet from Becca and I love it and I get compliments always is basically the same thing but is really pigmented and pretty but people didn't like the round pallet package it wasn't huge people just complain about anything I thought it was is it the love pallet from natasha denona?

  5. Carol Chadwick
    Carol Chadwick says:

    Love the eyeshadow look ! ❤️. I have the KKW Classic and love it ! So sorry you had several allergic reactions to the pallet. This happened to me on a different pallet and I had red, itchy and swollen lids for two weeks. Vaseline was my savior ….

  6. Natti Ramaekers
    Natti Ramaekers says:

    Such a shame that you had reaction because those purple look gorgeous on you especially with that top and earrings combo. I love that duo chrome shade in crystallized palette too and it last on me for over 12 hours when I take off my makeup. I also picked up her new semi-matte lippie and I love it!

  7. Shelia Dennis
    Shelia Dennis says:

    I’ve always loved purple tones but my eyes are green. The purple seems to make my eyes look deeper green. I don’t use anything but lights in color. You look so beautiful in all the colors.❤️❤️❤️

  8. Lit Artistry
    Lit Artistry says:

    I’m allergic to palettes with a purple hue. Out of tons upon tons of shadows the only ones I haven’t been allergic too are Natasha Denonas and PMG purples.

  9. nadiadncr
    nadiadncr says:

    I'm glad to hear you are recovering well from the reaction. Great video, I own nothing from the brand but I love watching you my friend ♥

  10. Jlyn D
    Jlyn D says:

    Every eye tutorial turned out beautifully. But the purple made your eyes sparkle.💜Sorry you had a reaction, that is never fun. Thanks for sharing.💗🙏🏼💜

  11. Jen Sommer
    Jen Sommer says:

    I am so glad you did this review! I bought the opalescent palette and I loved the lilac and purple shimmer shades! I have sensitive eyes so I stayed clear of the darker purple shades and so far I haven’t had a reaction! You are the reason I bought my KKW classic palette and I love it! Hope you have a happy holiday!

  12. Isabel
    Isabel says:

    Thanks for the review! 😘 I am also a KKW fan & I have all her stuff even bought her BFF pallet which I threw out because it had no pigment on my light medium skin tone so I assume it works best with fair skin tone … These 2 new pallets I liked the Birthday pallet a little better than the crystallized … I really hated that one shade in the crystal pallet you liked 😂 every one of us just know what we like & what looks good on us . I have to rate these two latest pallets bottom two of all her collection

  13. Chrissy Moss
    Chrissy Moss says:

    Hooray for customs, I still haven't got my palette!
    These shades look so pretty on you, but most shades would! 💗💗☃️🌲☃️

    Totally off topic, but I'm sick of PM packaging. Just received my order from her sales, and the stupid sequins are literally everywhere!
    To be honest, I had them all ready to put in the bin, when my two cats went dippy and knocked them all over.
    Stop putting sequins in the silly pouches.
    Moan over. I'm off to vacuum hundreds of sequins. Life!

  14. Being Biogirl
    Being Biogirl says:

    tara, i am OBSESSED with the looks you came up with the crystallized palette. those duo shadows are stunning. the entire palette is stunning. i love grays so this palette is sooo up my alley. i don’t have any kkw palettes, but this one is officially on my wishlist. you reviewed a smaller kkw back in the summer i believe, but i can’t remember it’s name, and it was beautiful as well. i’m going bonkers trying to remember so i’ll have to go back to your past videos to find it. i’m not too crazy about the opalescent palette only because i’ve seen those colors in other palettes that are in my other wishlist list. you did a wonderful review as usual so thank you so much for your tutorials. i learn so much from you. i love the ring your wearing in the first tutorial and your nails look beautiful. 🌸💜

  15. Liv Learns
    Liv Learns says:

    Yay! I am so excited for this video. You got me hooked on KKW beauty, and are THE source I go to for information on the brand. Love your content!

  16. Heather sargent
    Heather sargent says:

    The looks u made are so pretty..I love them all. Too bad the one pallet hurt your eyes I love the colors but as soon as someone says something burned their eyes I stear clear my eyes are so sensitive.

  17. Sarah S
    Sarah S says:

    Hello, thank you for dropping this review so that I have something good to watch while I do my makeup. I love her karma blush. It seems like it would be too dark, but it's a really gorgeous color

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