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Thinking of laser hair removal? Here’s what you need to know
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34 replies
  1. somiraju
    somiraju says:

    Thanks for sharing all the information about laser hair removal. Could you please share some insights on lichen planus of the vulva and labia?

  2. bunny 703
    bunny 703 says:

    Just started to epilate. Even though I get red bumps from open pores, Icing perfectly works. But there are many who say that ingrown hair from epilating is the worst in the long run. Soo what to do?

  3. Vageeswaran Sathya
    Vageeswaran Sathya says:

    All that was considered taboo is brought out in the open and discussed casually, medically and sensitively…. Never found such an open, bright, smart and non-judgmental doctor… It's time to sensitive women folk of our country…. Though livi ng in a metropolis, well educated I have a lot of doubts about my body unanswered I my head… Thanks dr. cutie… U have sucha sweet smile and cute dimples… Where do I meet you?

  4. Saanvi Birla
    Saanvi Birla says:

    I had decided to get laser hair removal for underarms 2-3 yrs back ..intially they told it wl take 6-7 sittings ..arnd 9 sitting later i still had hair growth although it was reduced largely – so ya its not easy for thick hairy ppl and many times not totally permanent

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