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In this nail tutorial I will show you quick and easy summer nail art using neon nail pigments. Rainbow neon pigments, flower nail art, abstract nail art, leaves ombre nail art. Ombre with pigments

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Products used: .

❤Nail Perfect brushes

❤High shine no wipe gel top coat

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💎Mixing palette

💎 Dust brush

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  1. Majka Micikova
    Majka Micikova says:

    Hellou Dorota! My English isn't so good like your, but I want to tell huge "thank you" for your pretty,nice,wonderful nail tutorials. You are very beatiful and clever woman. Your nail designs are amazing. I love your one stroke painting on nails. I tried it too,but it is very difficult for me. However, i don't give up. The nail design in this video is very nice,too. I will try it. Thank you very much,you are the best teacher! With best wishes Majka from Slovakia

  2. Anna-Marie Bloomer
    Anna-Marie Bloomer says:

    Hi there I am a new subscriber to you but love it. As a layman trying my own nails I think your way of teaching is great. One question can i use gel polish as the white or does it have to be only a certain product. Why I am asking is that I am from South Africa and ordering products work out very expensive if you take in consideration the exchange rate and shipping.

  3. Grey Aria
    Grey Aria says:

    Love the designs! I might have missed it, but how are you getting the pigment to stick to the paint? I have had trouble finding paint that will let me adhere things like glitter and pigment. Everyone says to buy a no wipe gel top coat and so I bought one by Modelones on Amazon but it cures smooth and shiny. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong so I would love some brand recommendations.

  4. Victorious Valentine
    Victorious Valentine says:

    Newly subscribed. Thanks so very much for this. I had lots of these pigment and didn't know I could use like this. Also had no idea I was capable of doing something like this. Thanks again! I'm SHOOK!

  5. The MetatronGirl
    The MetatronGirl says:

    I tried to comment when you first posted, but my app was being silly and wouldn’t let me. I actually broke down and bought neon pigments because of this video. You just keep inspiring me!

  6. Purplesage.Nails
    Purplesage.Nails says:

    I love your enthusiasm, that this makes you so happy, to play with nail designs!😀I get it, I sometimes get lost in nail-play + before I realize, the sun is rising! Beautiful designs, so talented! Tsmfs!💗

  7. Avril Bissell
    Avril Bissell says:

    Thank you for posting this mail art. It has come at a perfect time for me, as I am almost finishing my NVQ Level 3 and currently working on nail art. I love the effect that you have shared and I will try to make a design myself. When you are using the colour is it just pigment, or acrylic polymer? I have some NSI glitter and I wondered if they can also be used.
    Thank you 😊 xx

  8. calichef1962
    calichef1962 says:

    Oh, these are simply gorgeous!!! I'm a first time viewer and new subscriber– or I will be when I finish this comment, anyway. I have always been a sucker for neon nails, but these are just gorgeous! I even have neon pigment powders sitting in my nail art kit just waiting for a project like this. My neon pigments are also glow in the dark, so that should be interesting in the middle of the night. I wonder who will be more scared of glow in the dark nails at three in the morning– me or my chihuahuas? Since I am a first time viewer, I don't know if all of your videos are so soft and gentle in tone as this one, but it is really pleasing to my sensibilities. Thank you!

  9. mademoisellekaya
    mademoisellekaya says:

    I really need to go and collect pigments.. We can do So much with only pigment and a top coat, it's crazy!
    I LOVE what you made! It somehow even has a little bit of the 80's/early 90's vibes when these colours where SO the fashion 😁
    I will go and watch if nailperfect has these pigment and what they cost, luckily we can use them for so much more and they really can take forever to get finished or you have a project where you need much of it.. but pigments (mica) are So much fun!
    I mean, look at what you made! I love that so much! So vibrant! 🤗😎
    X0X0 ❣

  10. Sioux Hazeldon
    Sioux Hazeldon says:

    Wow!!! Another gorgeous set, you have some fabulous ideas, you're a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing your lovely talent & designs with us xx 😊💖💅😘😇

  11. debbie Harber
    debbie Harber says:

    So effective and beautiful …love the way you get excited and design more …that’s just like me one design gets your mind working …just what you need in lock down …I never get bored with nail art …ty for sharing

  12. justwaaaa
    justwaaaa says:

    I love playing with pigments but my painting skills are near what yours are. These came out so beautiful and I would love to see you do more of with pigments. Maybe on background colors other than Black too

  13. Roonique Boutique Nails
    Roonique Boutique Nails says:

    Beautiful, I love the effects you can get with pigments, I'm definitely going to be trying those leaves, I think they'd look nice against a white or creamy coloured background too.. Tfs, stay safe 😍😍💕💕xxx

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