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Singer-songwriter SOMI gets a lot of questions about her skin, and she’s finally dropping the full routine. The K-pop star is a fan of double cleansing, layering on essences, and trying out new gadgets and skincare tools. Here, SOMI breaks down her nighttime routine for dry skin and shares her tips for keeping her skin hydrated and plump.

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K-pop Star SOMI’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | 소미의 매일밤 스킨 케어 루틴 | Go To Bed With Me

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  1. Blink Farra
    Blink Farra says:

    Somi:it so gReaTfUL and CHEERFUL and Full of joy

    Me: using my 100 percent IQ to think how can a mask be so cheerful……it….. just…..A MASK

  2. Dee
    Dee says:

    Shiseido -senka all clear cleansing oil
    -ultimate power infusing concentrate
    Freihaut -oxygen O2 concentrate
    -oxygen O2 blue pearl cream
    Jungsaemmool essential tool cream

  3. f Amro
    f Amro says:

    When u see a pretty girl don't judge her pulling and ripping her skin off now by saying oh well she looks beautifull. Nooo wait until at least she is 40 or 50.

  4. Desdemona
    Desdemona says:

    "She's such a bruh girl" lol I thought Gen Z would know better than to perpetuate NLOG energy, but y'all just made up a new term for it. Yikes.

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