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I tried this at home laser hair removal device, Kenzzi!! Does this thing really work?? and use code ELA50 for $50 off your very own Kenzzi!! This is a sponsored video by Kenzzi

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  1. Kristina Frey
    Kristina Frey says:

    For anyone considering purchasing this device, please read the comments over at Angies Hot & Flashy channel. This is in no way anything against any creators, especially Elle, I’m sure the company has made their experience much different than their consumers. I placed my order at the beginning of December 2020, it still hasn’t arrived as of today, January 6th, 2020. I called FedEx to track it down a few days ago and was told that they’re being held up because the company isn’t FDA approved. The FedEx rep told me she has over 500 units in her office alone. The worst part is that the company has not responded to ANY of the multiple emails I’ve sent them. This is not an isolated incident, many, many, many, others are in the same boat. Buyer Beware. I hope this helps save someone the aggravation & money it’s cost me. Again, nothing at all against any creator, I know they do their best to recommend reputable companies but this company is horrendous.

  2. Liz C
    Liz C says:

    I have something called PCOS which causes extreme facial hair. This is extremely embarrassing but I literally can grow a beard like a man in less then a month. I’ve spent thousand of dollars on laser hair removal on my entire body but when it got to my face it hurt so bad I use to beg for them to lower the settings which now I regret bc it didn’t work for my face. Here I am still with facial hair as a 27 year old female and it takes over my life. I’m hoping if I purchase this it can make a change.

  3. Lpg 8
    Lpg 8 says:

    Be careful when buying this product, it comes from New Zealand and even though they claim to offer a "90-day refund policy", when you actually try to return it, they reject your refund saying that for "hygiene" reasons they can't take it back. I'm like huh? Then why offer a refund policy, obviously people are going to try this. Be careful, their refund policy is deceitful, you need to make sure you really want to keep this item.

  4. Vaishnavi S
    Vaishnavi S says:

    I bought a kenzzi device based on all the positive reviews and it totally burnt my skin on first use. They are a sketchy company and they don’t honor their 90 day return policy. I wrote to them about how the product gave me burns and they asked me to ship it back to Auckland on my own account. I live in the US and the cost of sending it back will be more than the product so it beats of the point of the return. Super shady company. I’m so disappointed and I have to live with those burns 🙁 Also, please note that most of the good reviews are sponsored and inauthentic and they delete all the negative reviews. Please do yourself a favor and save your skin and money.

  5. Ana Ramírez
    Ana Ramírez says:

    I just got it after 3 months waiting for the delivery and it doesn't even turn on . I'm more than disappointed about this product. I really hope that it was bad luck for me and that everyone else get the device on time and that it works

  6. ihatethelettuce
    ihatethelettuce says:

    Yo, this company is a SCAM. I ordered one–not cheap–and I never received it. The company told me too bad and I'm not getting a replacement for a refund. Avoid at all costs.

  7. Keke Zara
    Keke Zara says:

    Trying to decide if I need to start teaching my DD to shave. She is 9, has blonde hair on her legs but I don't want to wait until someone makes fun of her, like happened to me. I also don't want to start something too early! Serious mom worry over here!!! 😥

  8. Alice In Wonderland
    Alice In Wonderland says:

    Thank you so much for this video your awesome!! So my question is, do I have to continue to use this device foe rest of life? Being that you said you’ll do touch ups as you remember after a few months? Thank you in advanced and stay safe.

  9. Esmeralda Larios
    Esmeralda Larios says:

    Elle, thanks for another great video. Would you say this is not safe to use for the face? I'm fair and have a couple of very light melasma patches on my cheeks such as yourself. I wonder if I just should just stay away from these lasers on the face.

  10. Kelly O'Connor
    Kelly O'Connor says:

    Thank Elle for sharing your story with us. It was brave. I do know the embarrassment of having dark hair on my arms & being teased. Your story made me want to hug young Elle. It does stick with you. Thank you for being vulnerable 😘🤗❤

  11. glenda florian
    glenda florian says:

    someone please reply!!!!! so i recently started using kenzzii down there.. i’m two sessions in. when i say down there i mean right below your belly button like on the very top ya know ? not the outer labia area. so i usually like to shave that area every 1-2 weeks i like to wait until there’s enough hair because if there is only stubble than i tend to cut myself. i can’t find a way around cutting myself either. as i continue using kenzzi the hair is only going to grow slower and slower. so by monday i doubt its going to be long enough to the point where i won’t cut myself. any advice?! i tested this last week (hair was not long enough to where i know i won’t get cuts) and i ended up cutting myself a ton. what do i do? 🙁

  12. Screwtape Voodoo
    Screwtape Voodoo says:

    Your video really resonates with me. I grew up at the beach in So. California and have your skin tone and natural hair color. I was never made fun of, but always felt extremely insecure about my dark body hair. My legs would literally have 5 o’clock shadow by 7pm the same day after shaving in the morning. In my 20’s I spent the best, probably $1800 on laser hair removal on my legs, but have since dealt with bikini and other areas with waxing and to be honest just got tired of the pain involved in doing that. I’m glad that you shared your story and gave your review of the device before showing how it all works. Straight to the point, and I love that. I’ve seen other reviews on this device, but couldn’t really relate since the other ladies seem to have had lighter hair growth and/or color. Thank you for your very honest review! ❤️❤️❤️🤘🏻

  13. Amy Mathews
    Amy Mathews says:

    OMG I hear you!! I was a very hairy teenager and was so embarrassed! My older sister didn’t make it any easier for me as she teased me constantly! As an adult, things are better (hair-wise) but my eyebrows are incredibly hairy! So difficult to tweeze! I have always been so self conscious about them. I can tweeze them and within a few days…bam! Totally hairy! Argh! Easier now that fuller eyebrows are in, I just can’t clean them up enough. So embarrassing. My heart is with you☺️❤️

  14. Karen Page
    Karen Page says:

    I didn’t see that link you talked about… the Fitzpatrick scale?? I’m not sure I would consider myself fair skinned but curious to read about it before I spend the money. I’ve also lived with “hairy” issues my whole life especially on my face (peach fuzz). Does it work for that?

  15. Shantelle K
    Shantelle K says:

    I've been self conscious about body hair too. I hate shaving my legs so sometimes it grows too fast- so fast that I have a hard time keeping up with it. It makes me self conscious because I get super dark annoying hairs. Lol the struggle is real!

  16. Shantelle K
    Shantelle K says:

    Great video! This is helpful! Thank You! 🙂 ❤ p.s. I'm a new YouTuber. I want to be an Esthetician some day or do something in the beauty industry. I would really appreciate it if you and all who see my comment would Subscribe!

  17. A Rich
    A Rich says:

    I just want this for my legs and maybe armpits. My arm hair is blonde. I’m not super hairy but my hair grows quickly on my legs and waxing just gave me ingrowns. I just need more info for the legs of its worth it and can be used more than once a week to speed up the process

  18. April Young
    April Young says:

    As a 10-yr old child I was called “Gorilla-legs” by kids and even some adults due to the coarse dark hair on my legs. As an adult I also got tired of my arm hair blowing in the breeze when I would drive with the window down so also shave my arms. I will definitely be looking into this thank you for the review!

  19. Victoria Sykes
    Victoria Sykes says:

    Thank for sharing ur story elle. I have a slight upturned nose and boys used to go oink oink at me when I entered the glass room. It was horrible. I used to keep my head down to hide my nose and would never wear my hair up. Now I am older I dont care so much and I do rock a ponytail now. But those hurtful comments r always there somewhat. Looking forward to your q and a xxxxxx

  20. Anna Mcmaster
    Anna Mcmaster says:

    I missed your video on how to shave the peach fuzz away, I'm 50yrs old and OMG it's gotten worse. I've ordered the Schick brand b/c I hear the tinkle are counterfeit coming from Amazon. I'd love to see your video for your insight what's it called?? 💋❤

  21. Lindy Mahan
    Lindy Mahan says:

    Thank you for this video. Waxing is just not an option and hate shaving our sensitive area. This is definitely a birthday wish present. Be safe! 🌺❤️

  22. Alyth
    Alyth says:

    I am an endocrinology nurse practitioner and I specialize in treating women with PCOS and hyperandrogenism. Many of them suffer with hirsutism and have terrible anxiety about it. Thanks for reviewing this! I am always looking for new ways to improve their quality of life! 💕

  23. Noemi Yatsushiro
    Noemi Yatsushiro says:

    I was interested and then came across an ad on Facebook for literally the same exact product with a different brand that is selling it for $69. I don’t believe it is a fake – even the packaging is the same!! Crazy price difference…

  24. Casey Isabell
    Casey Isabell says:

    Elle, I teared up with you and felt your pain!!! Thank you for doing this video!!! Can't wait to hear your follow up video. 🥰
    My arm hair has always been long and think. In the past year it had started to grow in darker, more coarse and curling. So I had been trimming it. Bought this device last November used it for 3 months every week, armpits, nipple, happy trail, bikini line. By then end of 3 months my happy trail was gone!! Nipples, definitely a difference, armpits thinning out. Missed about 6 weeks and just picked back up and now I have added more areas. Literally just shaved my arms last night and did my first laser!! Can't wait to see results on my arms!!! **Tip** Do tender areas FIRST!!!! Device heats up and at full power it hurts more on tender areas. Or take a break and let machine cool down. 😉 I would definitely recommend this!!!

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