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Scott gets Linzy ready for Lunar New Year using the Sculpting & Contour Palette , Mesmerized Palette , Chic Cheek Palette , Bondi Beach Bronzer and Daddy Issues Lip Fetish Matte ❤️ #GRWU Get Ready With Us

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31 replies
  1. Ana Brown
    Ana Brown says:

    Thank you but we would love to see a closer capture of what you are doing is hard to see brushes or detail brush strokes see if you can get closer

  2. Martina Wendt
    Martina Wendt says:

    These products are so beautiful.

    I have all of these products.

    Really super nice.

    The model is also super cute.

    Scotty you are the best.

    Greetings from Leipzig / Germany to you and everyone 🙂

  3. Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller says:

    I would LOVE a video only focusing on nose contour using both cream and powder and using different models with different nose shapes. It’s so hard for me to nose contour with cream. It always turns muddy looking, I don’t know when to stop blending and and sometimes when I blend the product either ends up going away or it ends up going everywhere. Plus tutorial videos I see, the person already has a great nose. I want to see someone with a hump in the middle, a bigger tip, a wider nose and a crooked nose. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Thank you 😘😘😘

  4. Krit Campbell
    Krit Campbell says:

    I recently got myself, "Daddy Issues", and I must say it it the only red lip that looks good on me that I have ever tried! True Matte, stays put, the shade is gorgeously bold, and it doesn't clash with my red hair – Oh and being over 50, it still looks fresh on me! THANK YOU SCOTT BARNES!!

  5. Lexi R
    Lexi R says:

    Loved the video!!! Need a "how to use our contour palette 101" ha i own all of your products but this one has the largest learning curve for me

  6. K Rod
    K Rod says:

    I absolutely love your work! To me is like your are painting a picture not make up… the way you move your brushes is pure art ! The finish work is a master piece every time. You are awesome😊

  7. Virginia V.
    Virginia V. says:

    Scott Barnes you are a true artist and great talent. Would love it if you could slow things down just a bit so I can see how the look is created with more close-ups and showing what products you use and how to apply.

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