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A step-by-step guide for creating modern beach waves with the Dyson Airwap™ styler’s Firm of Soft smoothing brushes

Step 1: Begin with wet hair
Step 2: Select full power and high heat
Step 3: Use Firm of Soft smoothing brush to dry hair until dampStep
Step 4: Section your hair
Step 5: Switch to the 40mm (1.6 inch) barrel
Step 6: Following the arrows, manually wrap hair around the barrel
Step 7: Hold the ends away from the barrel until your hair is dry
Step 8: Push the cold shot to set
Step 9: Switch off to release

If you have any questions please feel free to add a comment below

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19 replies
  1. Fx Fxator
    Fx Fxator says:

    Experience lamentable.

    J’ai commandé sur le site Dyson un sèche cheveux.
    Au déballage nous découvrons avec stupeur que le produit à un défaut de “ peinture “
    Ce ne serait rien si le défaut n’avait pas déjà était marqué par Dyson.
    Cela dénote d’un esprit lamentable de la société et d’un manque total de respect pour le client.
    En conclusion nous avons le sentiment d’avoir était floué par Dyson, d’avoir était pris pour dés imbeciles.
    Une très très mauvaise expérience de cette société.

  2. Giuliana Ferrara
    Giuliana Ferrara says:

    Il riccio dura 10 minuti , ho provato a capelli bagnati, asciutti e anche usando vari prodotti….ma niente, sono molto delusa dato il costo. Pensavo fossi io il problema ma leggo molte recensioni non positive. Mi dispiace perché per tutto il resto è ottimo, il liscio perfetto, anche la spazzola rotonda e non rovina i capelli

  3. Zahre Mar
    Zahre Mar says:

    Well I nearly choked on my coffee. You can't be seriously promoting a manual technique on a device you charge an arm and a leg for "because hair curls itself". I have your complete set and I purchased additional long barrels in both sizes. Wet or damp, styling products or not – I can't get a wave in. I get a hot face, some frizz and zero satisfaction. As a curling styler, this thing sucks for 1a hair but the hot brush is awesome. The price tag is still unreasonable.

  4. S Zh
    S Zh says:

    my box doesn't have the 40 mm barrels, and I can't find it on the official websites.. can I buy them separately?

  5. Alexandra Dascalescu
    Alexandra Dascalescu says:

    On short hair is a pain in the ass to use… Not gonna lie, I’m a bit disappointed.

    It has a very long learning curve, when talking about the barrels of course. And I’m not referring to when the hair attaches itself onto them, because for me that I have a bob that kind of curl is not the best.

  6. Sara Pagone
    Sara Pagone says:

    AWESOME VIDEO, I have recently did a video talking about hacks, tutorials and beach waves with Dyson Airwrap, it look like similar 🙂 thanks for the video

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