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31 replies
  1. J G
    J G says:

    TIP ! fine-haired girls try blowdrying hair with head upside down for MAJOR VOLUME! I followed Leighannsays (youtuber) hair routine and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mandy Reardon
    Mandy Reardon says:

    Great tutorial, thanks Amy. Your hair always looks so thick, healthy and luscious! You are so lucky that this is your natural hair colour 😍 I ordered the Foxy locks hairmask when you used it in a previous vlog and I love it too. The hair curler looks amazing! Xxxx

  3. T. Kaur
    T. Kaur says:

    I wash my hair every day. Do not believe anyone online who says it's damaging. Dermatologists and doctors say it's perfectly okay to wash your hair every day. So I recommend it.

  4. Brogan Thompson
    Brogan Thompson says:

    My mam always told mr to wash it at least 3 times a wrek but sibce the first lockdown i wash it once a week and its grew more that it ever has done so i think it just depends on peoples scalp tissue and the hair bulb how the cuticle of your hair is i mean my hairdressing titor says 2 times a week is best but she said it does depend on the scalp on how many time to wash xxxx

  5. Kat
    Kat says:

    no i do not recommend you washing your hair every day , your stripping away all the good oils from your scalp …i wash my hair once or twice a day Amy , try not to use heated ie straighteners often too ..
    always use plenty hair conditioner on the ends of your hair …good tip …

  6. Maria J
    Maria J says:

    Hello lovely just a little top as a hairdresser I feel when your using your hair masks your not getting the full potential , putting the mask on dry hair your only treating the outside of the hair shaft. When you shampoo hair you are opening the cuticles.. so after shampoo and rince gently pat dry ur hair with a towel then put on the mask and leave on as long as you wish then rince off with cool water which then closes the cuticles .. you will get a more deeper and norishing treatment on your hair, , this could be why your hair is feeling dry. Give it a try hunni you will notice a big difference 🙂 Xx

  7. Emma Jane Carolan
    Emma Jane Carolan says:

    Hi Amy I absolutely love your channel I even go back and watch your old videos 💖 there so relaxing to watch. Would you do a what apps you have on our phone video? Love your content xx xx ❤️😘 xx xx

  8. Natalie Russ
    Natalie Russ says:

    I work in a hospital so I wash my hair everyday,because who knows what kind of germs are in my hair by the end of my shift,but when I’m on days off I wash every 2-3 days ..please do a makeup organizing video.

  9. tracie murray
    tracie murray says:

    Wow, don't know what 'specialist' this person saw but that's BS, no tricologist would advise washing your hair every day, also I don't understand why ppl think they can make their hair grow faster, it's impossible, our hair grows between an inch and an inch and a half per month, what we can do is help it grow stronger and stop breakage.. Seriously Amy the saying.. 'don't believe everything u hear'.. Springs to mind 🙄💋

  10. Elsie Cap
    Elsie Cap says:

    I only wash my hair maybe twice a week. It lets the oils come out slowly and naturally and I find my hair isn’t as dry as when I washed it more often. I also let my hair air dry 80-90% before using any heat. I have blonde color treated hair and my hair has grown almost to my bum, which it never did before. Love your content 💕

  11. Lou’s Life
    Lou’s Life says:

    Washing your hair everyday is soooo bad. Please don’t do that. It strips everything natural from your hair, all the oils etc. Once or twice a week to wash it xx

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