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valentines day 2021 | pink and red makeup tutorial | lolaliner

Happy (almost) Valentines Day lovers. Hope you all have a day filled with love and I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Love you all xx

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inspired by

Auric glow lust – selenite:

NARS foundation – vienna:

MJ concealer – 200:

Benefit hoola quickie contour: can’t find this online 🙁

Morphe cream blush – wish:

Becca powder:

ABH brow freeze:

ABH brow pen:

Ole henriksen lip scrub: can’t find this 🙁

MAC lip primer:

MAC chili lipstick:

MAC ruby woo lipstick:

Kylie cosmetics liner – boss: can’t find this

Morphe palette – sweet oasis:

Tarte tartiest liner:

CT flawless filter highlight – 2.5:

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43 replies
  1. Brittany Yost
    Brittany Yost says:

    YOU TELL EM !!! Sometimes I’m like damn I kinda like the side they say is the wrong side !! Like smh we all like diff things . Your so real love it and u r so beautiful !!

  2. Tina Bladen
    Tina Bladen says:

    Agree with you about right and wrong ways and there being none. However, I do like Katie Jane Hughes and Lisa Eldridge for techniques, Lisa Eldridge’s spot concealing with a very thin pointed brush is bang on. I love watching them both using minimal products to obtain the looks they do. I’ve really toned down the amounts of products I use, use the back of my hands more and really work foundations into my brush before buffing into the skin. I’m just trying to adapt slightly to get looks I want without caked on products. Yes I use more bronzer than either of them, but that’s usually because my body is more tanned than my face and it has to blended in more.
    PS, love that Morphe E63 brush, got it on sale around Black Friday and been using it since Xmas, it’s brilliant. X

  3. Léopoldine F.
    Léopoldine F. says:

    I definitely agree with you regarding the « rules » of makeup. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you like the way you look and the way you do your makeup.
    Also, I love this makeup look and your tutorials !! 💞💞

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