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Best Makeup Transformations 2020 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

Check Out These Amazing Makeup Artists:


33 replies
  1. briah nicole
    briah nicole says:

    Girls, don’t compare yourselves. These ladies are beautiful, I bet In real life too, but this is only for entertainment purposes. They do not look like that in real life. They have messy hair and no makeup most days too. They have pimples and belly fat. It’s simply studio lights, blurring effects on the cam, and stretched out poses that stretch your tummy out so it looks like you don’t have one for 5 seconds. Beauty is you. Beauty is me. Beauty comes in all kinds of ways. Don’t compare yourself to things that aren’t real like this. ❤️

  2. Taekook Updates
    Taekook Updates says:

    I just wanna remind small youtubers reading this comment that slow progress is still progress. I know alot of people are discouraged to continue doing youtube because of slow growth but trust me, when time passes you’ll look back and realize you’ve come so far. Even if you only gain 10 subs a day, after 10 days that’s 100 more subs you’ve gained. Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t use copyrighted music because you think you won’t ever get monetized anyway. You’ll regret it when you’re monetized and spend your time disputing copyright claims because you didn’t believe you could ever get monetized. When I first started youtube 2 months ago I thought I’d never get monetized so I kept using copyrighted music. Now here I am with 3k subs and halfway to getting monetized and regretting my past actions, disputing my copyright claims all day. Don’t be like me. Just wanted to spread some tips to help out small youtubers who need a confidence boost. ❤️

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