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Weekly Self Tan Routine | At Home Self Tanner Application Tips & Tricks- Self Tanning Tutorial


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-Tanologist Review:
-Testing 7 Different Self Tanners:

1. Loving Tan Exfoliating Glove:
2. Dry Brush:
3. St. Tropez Exfoliating Glove:
4. Skintimate Vitamin E Moisturizing Shaving Gel:
5. Gilette Venus Extra Smooth 5 Blade Razor:
6. Tanologist Express Tan Dark Self Tan Mousse:
– Target:
– Ulta:
7. Skinerals Self Tanning Mitt:
8. Loving Tan Tanning Mitt:
9. Morphe Brush M439:
10. Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion for Dry Sensitive Skin:
– Target:
– Amazon:
11. Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Moisturizing Cream:
– Target:
– Amazon:

1:21 Self Tanner Prep- Exfoliating, Shaving, etc.
9:14 Self Tanner Application- Order & Tips
14:18 How I Apply Self Tanner
15:43 How to Prevent Orange Hands, Feet, Elbows, Ankles & Wrists
17:57 How to Apply Self Tanner to Hands & Feet
21:36 How Long to Leave on Self Tanner & Rinse Off
23:02 How to Make Your Self Tanner Last Longer


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  1. Emily Hill
    Emily Hill says:

    New to self tanning land. Soooo…what happens after a week of workouts? How does it last 6 days showering daily? Also how do you sit and not create creases or rubbed off spots during the 6 hour setting in phase?

  2. Megan Adams
    Megan Adams says:

    I picked up the tanner and the lotion, and the shaving cream yesterday at Target. I am in love with it all! Thank you for your suggestions. I would love to private message you about my skin, and my journey if thats something you would be okay with.

  3. Meaghan
    Meaghan says:

    So after I shower and apply the tanner I shouldn’t put on moisturizer? I put on the moisturizer after I shower a 2nd time where I just body wash (after the 4-6 hour mark) ?

  4. Amberz Asylum
    Amberz Asylum says:

    I am currently getting into self tanning. I am SOOOO pale!!! In order for me to get a tan I have to burn and then after it turns into a tan. I really didn't know too much about anything I could do, but lately I've been exploring and I have become very interested in self tanning. It seems like the benefits are super great! I just watched your comparison video and it's so great that you have tested them all for us. I am very curious on if you continue your self tan throughout the winter months or is it just something you do during the summer. Also do you put self tanner on your face?? Do they make separate stuff for that?

  5. JLE
    JLE says:

    I just exfoliate with a body scrub, something that smells good, I use the glove for the self tan application. Funny thing is, I feel like when I use the glove to apply, it doesn't get as dark, I think the glove must absorb some of it but if I use my hands, my nails turn orangey🤷

  6. Martin Baker
    Martin Baker says:

    My biggest problem is not the tanning process but the clothes that get orange – especially the shirt collars.. I don't know how to wear light clothes without getting stains🙈🙈🙈
    any recommendations?

  7. Lisa Ray
    Lisa Ray says:

    For after tanning……just make sure there is no MINERAL OIL as an ingredient in the body cream. The tanning salon I used to go to said that is the ONE ingredient that breaks down self tans the most. The alcohol, as you mention, is also not great. I believe your Cetaphil cream is mineral oil free which is great!

  8. Rhapsody_InBlue
    Rhapsody_InBlue says:

    Just wondering if you have tried any of the self tanner back applicator mitts or pads, my daughter does self tan and always always has me do her back so I wonder if I should buy her one of these?

  9. jennifer izett
    jennifer izett says:

    Great video! I know Bondi Sands express tan mentions to only use water (no soap) and pat dry after rinsing the express tan after only a few hours. I think this makes a big difference. The tan still develops. Typically, I leave it on 8 plus hours but in a pinch….I’ll leave the express on for a couple hours and only rinse with water until later that night where I use soap. 😀

  10. Holly K
    Holly K says:

    Super helpful video, thank you!! I added all the products to my Target cart 😊. Really excited about the Cetaphil body cream because I’ve been struggling to find something really hydrating that won’t make my tan patchy 🤗. A tip I do to help me reach my back when self tanning is kinda weird but totally works- I have an old empty long soap bottle (from Bath & Body Works but any tall slim shape will work) and I put the self tanning mit on top of it so it’s on the top of the bottom of the soap bottle and the pump part is sticking out, and it’s like an extender so I can reach my back so easily! U don’t have to strain your arms or ask for help at all! I’ll link the shape I mean.. lol it’s weird but has helped me so much!! 💜,Woaiwo-q-Dispenser-Cleaning-Solutions-Pack-1000ml/dp/B08223RWF5/ref=sr_1_26?dchild=1&keywords=Plastic+soap+dispenser&qid=1595601192&sr=8-26

  11. Cayleigh Milam
    Cayleigh Milam says:

    Can you try the tanlux mousse? I want to see what you think about it! It’s what I’m using now and it’s also a clear mousse. It’s expensive so I wanna see if this is a dupe for that!

  12. Kelli Nicole
    Kelli Nicole says:

    If you want a darker tan or one with a color guard Tanologist has an ultra dark shade at Ulta. I need the color gaurd cause I'm too lazy to do it without. 😆 Also, if I'm gonna take the time to tan I want to look like I have lived on a desert island for a year 🏝 The ultra dark Tanologist doesn't stain my clothes or sheets. I ❤ it!!!

  13. Paula Taylor
    Paula Taylor says:

    I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to Tanogist self tan!! Oh my gosh! I have tried so many self tanners and they always looked fake! I’m 72-years -old and have Lupus, so I cannot be in the sun much. My daughter saw me today and said, “boy, you must be outside a lot now, your tan is beautiful “!! My daughter, like her mother, tells it like it is and will point out flaws in the self tanners!! It has been amazing and by following your instructions for problem areas it turns out perfect!! I use the medium and get a very dark tan! Maybe it’s the old skin, but I couldn’t go much darker! The lotions and creams make a huge difference! Thank you, thank you!!💕❤️💋. You are my hero! Stay safe! ❤️

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