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Walking you guys through my unsponsored morning skincare routine! I’ve been doing this routine for about 6 months now maybe a little longer & have seen great results!

SKIN TYPE: combination + sensitive

Micellar Water
2% BHA Liquid
Truth Trifecta (use STEPH22 to save)
(Travel size to try @ a lower price: use STEPH22 to save)
Youth Complex (use STEPH22 to save)
Youth Eye Serum (use STEPH22 to save)
Hydroboost Gel Cream (extra dry skin version)
Reparative Moisture Emulsion (use STEPH22 to save)
Vibrating Quartz Roller
Alastin Hydratint spf (use SMLX0 to save)
First Aid Weightless Sunscreen
Versed Sunscreen (coming to target soon)
Fresh Sugar Lip Balm spf 15

RINGS use STEPH to save $$
NECKLACE use STEPH to save $$

*Not sponsored! Some products have affiliate links/codes. Feel free to use them or don’t! Purchased everything myself*

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  1. SMLx0
    SMLx0 says:

    Hi guys! I’ve gotten a lot of requests for my skincare routine (said every influencer, ever) so I wanted to share my routine! This is NOT sponsored! Also sorry if the lighting is kinda off, I actually filmed this in the morning so the light wasn’t ideal lol.

  2. Warda Nasir
    Warda Nasir says:

    Hey girl! Just wanted to mention that it is recommended not to use an exfoliant in the morning time. It could potentially make your skin sensitive to the sun. It's best to use the exfoliant only at nighttime and every other night.

  3. Zoe Mattia
    Zoe Mattia says:

    I wish I could send you a scrunchbuddy! It’s my company I just launched, 2 towel material scrunchies to put on your wrists when you wash your face… to catch all the water that drips down… you would love them❤️

  4. Abner C
    Abner C says:

    Gurl why come you don’t use toner but you use eye cream. I would pick toner over eye cream lol. Eye creams aren’t really necessary it’s a small benefit nothing to serious. Toners shrink pores, restore pH balance to you skin, gives a little layer of protection, acts like a light moisturizer, and refreshing to the skin . But to each their own. I enjoyed you video 👍🏼

  5. debra firestone
    debra firestone says:

    I like drugstore products and makeup they are just as good sometimes even better I would never spend what the high End Skin care and makeup wants The Dermatologist told my Daughter that the highend is no better they want your money

  6. Ranz
    Ranz says:

    Wait someone please answer, how is this not subscribed when there are codes beside all the coupons??!!!! Usually when a influencer has a code they receive commission off the product.

  7. Deborah John
    Deborah John says:

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