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Today I’m updating you guys on the female issue of excessive facial hair. Thank you for educating me in the last video. I hope this video serves anyone who also struggles with this.

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  1. Alka Singh
    Alka Singh says:

    thankyou so much for this video, I am suffering from this paradoxical hair growth after laser and I am coming to know about it here from you, it was so soul crushing to see after my 7th (which shoud have been my final session) i don't know why no body told me about this it has been 3 years and i am living with it

  2. shasha2571
    shasha2571 says:

    I am African American women and I received laser hair removal with a laser that wasn't appropriate for darker skin tones..My skin was burned but luckily no scarring. My dermatologist finally got the appropriate laser and although the treatment can be expensive it was the best money I've spent. The hair was reduced by at least 75-80%! My last treatment was about 10+ years ago

  3. Marcia Gomez
    Marcia Gomez says:

    I am not a laser expert for the record, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. As long as one does not have blond, white or red hair, the laser is very effective; of course, the results will vary from person to person. That said, the results that one gets are permanent. Seeking a reputable establishment with a skilled operator is critical.

    Note: it's the wavelength of a laser machine, not so much on the brand name. One more thing to point out IF YOU ARE A PERSON OF COLOUR, avoid IPL machines.

    One must always do their research!!

    PCOS is an unknown condition with several side-effects; one of the symptoms is excess hair growth.

    Both genders have the same amount of hair follicles; it's hormones (androgens) that trigger hair growth. An endocrinologist is a specialist that deals with PCOS diagnosis, not a regular GP.

    To have a better understanding of hair cycles and how it works with a laser. The following video might give one a better understanding, why following a protocol with laser is essential. Timestamp 1:08

    …Hope this helps.

  4. Janel Taylor
    Janel Taylor says:

    I started laser on my face last year and it’s been a life changing decision. I highly recommend people do your research, ask if the technician works with your skin tone and your condition. Thank you for sharing your results. I’d love to see a video about how you addressed your hyperpigmentation as I deal with that as well. The laser has decreased it more than half. Good luck to all those starting a laser journey. Get through at least 3 -4 sessions to see real results. ✨

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