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Heluuur, in this video I am going to show you how to use magical ink to achieve this colorful look.

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Cuticle application tutorial:
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– Mani Pro Passport Nail Drill

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40 replies
  1. Janisia Ayers
    Janisia Ayers says:

    If u don’t mind me asking, can u tell me what kind of brush your using and size I haven’t found my right size yet I’m using a little brush and it takes me so long to do a full set but it works for me but I need to move faster

  2. Shae Shae
    Shae Shae says:

    Your work is so incredible! Right after application, when you smooth the nails with the medium carbide bit, what speed do you have your drill on? Thank you for sharing your knowledge ❤️

  3. Daniel & Sara Lauf
    Daniel & Sara Lauf says:

    Blanku – white
    I Love how you teach us a different word every time 💜
    I know you did sun but I can't remember it lol can you tell me that one again please? Love Love Love these nails girl!!!! Keep those videos coming please!
    Much love to you 💖

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