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Hi guys, I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I finished my laser hair removal treatments! In this video I answer some FAQ’s about my results one year later and also touch on the difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal. I hope you find this helpful as always thank you so much for watching!

p.s. excuse my red tongue in this video I had just finished a jolly rancher lol 🤦🏽‍♀‍😂

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14 replies
  1. Sarah K
    Sarah K says:

    Do they laser alll the bikini area, like labia majora and minora or only the outer part of the vag, I've had my first session and she lasered all of it and im afraid that it would change my pink area to black

  2. Tafikaah
    Tafikaah says:

    Hey girl!
    I’ve gone for two electrolysis sessions on my face but the pain was almost unbearable. I don’t know if my skin is just extra sensitive or something else. I know the style they did was thermal heat and the water combination. I recently started waxing again but I want a more permanent option

  3. Nieka Lee
    Nieka Lee says:

    Thank you so much for making this video, you gave some great advice. You mentioned that you did the electrolysis in 2017, how many treatments in total did you have to do and what type did you get. E.g thermolysis, blend or galvanic.

    Do you still go for electrolysis touch ups or has the hair completely gone?

  4. Strange Beauty
    Strange Beauty says:

    Hey again from your previous laser hair removal video! Just wanted to say your last video definitely gave me the push and hope that I needed that laser removal can hopefully do something for me!! And I can officially say I’m am going in for my 2nd treatment. I got a package deal for 1 year full body. I didn’t touch my face though only upper lip but I wanted to removal a little off my sideburns and chin area. I’m just a bit scared to touch my face though. I guess I want to see my full final results from the rest of my body before I do laser on my face. Since everyone has different results from it. I’ll think I’ll do more research in electrolysis I heard it works better!! Like ur experience but the pain might be too much for me 😭
    Also do you have to shave before each treatment of electrolysis like u do for laser ?

    also did u exfoliate between sessions of laser hair removal? If so, what did u use ? How did u deal with hyperpigmentation from shaving so often during sessions as well? I want to use like simple beauty skin even skin tone creams and soaps such as konji acid soap or Ambi but I can’t right now cuz it contains retinol and hydroquinone. So I’m thinking of waiting until all my treatments to treat my dark areas on my skin 😭

    But so far after my first treatment I see a few areas where there is no hair!! So I believe after a few more sessions, I will really see results. So happy that you were authentic and showed your hair before and after result to so many of us with this embarrassing insecurity some of us have a women ❤️❤️

  5. Shaa-Ann
    Shaa-Ann says:

    I am having my first session in a few weeks so I'm taking this video as a positive sign 😁  Thanks for explaining the difference between electrolysis & laser hair removal. I definitely thought laser was considered permanent removal vs reduction. Now i can now manage my expectations better. Thanks for the update. I am hyped to start my sessions!

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