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33 replies
  1. Daizha Espiritu
    Daizha Espiritu says:

    Hi Sabrina! I know you have come out with Kobe videos- I am currently using the Kenzzi thanks to you and your code!! I’m on week 4 and planning to do the full 12. I was wondering, after you do the 12 consistent weeks can I still use it weekly after that to get more results? 🙂

  2. Roshni Ohri
    Roshni Ohri says:

    Don't buy from this brand (Kenzzi)! I paid the full amount on the website and now I'm being asked to pay an extra 42 euros in shipping because apparently I didn't read the fine print! Don't buy! Seems like a dishonest brand considering I was promised 'free SHIPPING' with their code! It's a scam (I have photo proofs of my conversation with Kenzzi)! They won't give me a refund but please save yourself the hassle and buy something else.

  3. Jackie Ayy
    Jackie Ayy says:

    Where have I been?! I’ve been watching your videos from two years ago and it never occurred to me to go to your channel for new content 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m subscribed now!!

  4. Adriana
    Adriana says:

    Been waiting for this video bc I really wanted to buy it!! Not everyone does a follow up, so it's hard to trust it!
    Question.. Do you NEED to shave or just remove the hair? I usually use veet on my hairs,so just wondering!

  5. Cathy V
    Cathy V says:

    I’m about 5 shades lighter than you with very dark hair and this product did not work for me I followed the instructions to the T I used it on multiple parts of my body for 7 months total on level 5 and once it recommended to stop using the product weekly to once a month my hair started growing just as thick and dark as before I started using it.I regret not starting off with professional laser I ended up going to SEV Laser and it’s amazing.

  6. impatientone 2001
    impatientone 2001 says:

    I’ve been contemplating getting this. No one does a follow up after the 1st few weeks do thank you for doing another video on it! If it can give me even 1 extra day of not shaving, I’m for it!! I have to shave daily 😞

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