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Are you struggling with how to style your wavy hair? Or did you even fail to realize you had wavy hair?! This week, we are finally sharing a wavy hair tutorial filled with our best tips for styling wavy hair for frizz-free and defined waves. This natural wavy hair tutorial is great for those just starting your curly hair journey! Not to mention, the product routine we used in this video is also Amanda & I’s fav current summer curly hair products, but instead of styling them on our curly hair, we did it on these wavy beauties! We hope you love the video + a special thank you to our beautiful models/cousins Amber & Tiffany for filming this video with us!

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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

34 replies
  1. Jae D.
    Jae D. says:

    Ive been wondering what I was doing wrong. NOW I KNOW! Thank you so much. I've had so much trouble finding tips like this. I only just realized diffusers were just as good for wavy hair as super curly hair. Lmao. Now I need to try the plumping and plopping! Seriously– THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Savannah Jones
    Savannah Jones says:

    I learned that Pin straight hair is rare everyone has an amount of wave to their hair. I love the routine they are using because it certainly helps your wave to keep its shape.

  3. Emma
    Emma says:

    I followed this tutorial with different products and it worked. My hair so wavy it’s about a 2b or 2c tops. I love thanks for the tutorial. Btw scrunching your hair like you do with the water can get rid of the hard coat the gel makes with the same hold. Thanks for the vid

  4. Rene Els
    Rene Els says:

    I always do upside down scrunching while rinsing my conditioner and see nice big clumps but I don’t apply any product on my 2 a curls …. i want to use a curl cream.

  5. desireevankuyk
    desireevankuyk says:

    I mean, I would absolutely love for my curls to look like this but to be real honest here.. I am way too lazy for this many steps 😂
    Also my curls can look wonderful the day I washed them, but I sleep on them for 1 night and I look like a wild woman coming for you from the deep dark forest

  6. Dori T
    Dori T says:

    Okay this is the video I needed. My mom kept telling me I had the prettiest curls as a girl but I've done a fine job destroying them as an adult. I have these random good hair days when I let my hair air dry and I get 2b curls. Usually though, it just gets kinky or frizzy so I just straiten it. Ugh, i'm over it though. I want nice hair again.

  7. Yasmin B
    Yasmin B says:

    Good video. But it's important to properly use the terms curly vs wavy, they are NOT interchangeable. Mel and Amanda have curly hair. Their relatives have wavy hair, not curly.

  8. Sunshine Paige
    Sunshine Paige says:

    I feel like if you have to scrunch your hair to MAKE it wavy. Then it’s not naturally wavy. That’s like me straightening my hair and then saying I didn’t know my hair was straight. Lol

  9. Manya Kulshreshtha
    Manya Kulshreshtha says:

    when i was small my hair were curly, like kinda like how taylor swifts curls were but a little less tight. but then my grandparents got my hair shaved cus it was tradition in our family nd after some time my hair came out straight, but even now some of my 'inside' hair like the ones closest to my neck have curls in them so like whenever i tilt my head to side to brush my hair theres a section of my hair thats got beachy waves at the top but then since my hair r very long they become straight after like 5 inches of curls. even when i tie my hair in a pony or smthing, the hair around my ear r curly like old 17th century hair nd come out, but the rest r straight, super straight, where i'm from usually ppl with hair as voluminous as mine have waves or curls in them,ppl with straight hair have very thin hair usually nd mine aren't really thick but they aren't thin. even the colour of my hair is diff, usually ppl have black hair if they r thick nd naturally straight but mine r brown. so there has been times when ppl have asked me if i've got my hair straightened cus they can see those bunches of waves.

  10. JLBee
    JLBee says:

    I discovered leave-in conditioner and my hair has been much more wavy, which I love. It often gets tangled, and I can't blow dry it (disability) so I used to always braid it to get a more even wave. I also have to use scent free products, so sadly I can't follow this exactly, but one time myself and a friend with really curly hair used coconut oil in the summer, and it was nice, but very hard to get a small enough amount. If anyone has any scent free products for wavy hair (preferably in Canada) let me know! I'm using Carina Organics, although sometimes I use Womansense conditioner since I can actually take the scent of it.

  11. Karen Lm
    Karen Lm says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I actually had straight hair most of my life until menopause. Suddenly I had super wavy, curly, and frizzy hair. I had no idea how to wash it, style it, and dry it. This video gave me some great tips.

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