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Well, it’s been a year of at home laser hair removal, time to see if I still have hair! So happy to be working with Kenzzi again on this video and to finally get Anna Laura to try it. If you want to try your own, use Code KM50 at checkout for $50 off! IPL is a lot more effective than I expected vs a med spa. Leave your questions in the comments!

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FTC: This video is sponsored by Kenzzi. As always, I only represent brands and products I genuinely enjoy and I will never make claims that are not 100% true to my experience.

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  1. Cowtown Canadian
    Cowtown Canadian says:

    As a guy I’m thinking about doing laser hair removal down there…beats shaving every 2 days…can this device be used for men’s manzillian area and are there services that allow men to laser down there? Thanks, just a bit embarrassed to get it one…Lol

  2. ChrissyPlus
    ChrissyPlus says:

    I haven't watched in a while and it seems like Kayley and Anna Laura have lisps now, did I miss an update where they got invisalign or something? Apologies if that's insensitive I just haven't been keeping up with the videos recently!

  3. Monica Rachele
    Monica Rachele says:

    Kenzzi completely ignored my emails for my affiliate payout before sending me an automated email saying my account had expired. I never got a dime. Never recommending that sham company again. I hope they are treating you better, Kayley.

  4. Jo Schwanitz
    Jo Schwanitz says:

    i would love to use some stuff like this, i have to shave to times a day to be kind of hairless. but 200 bucks is really a lot for me. maybe i can spoil myself after christmas 😅

  5. Kayla Cook
    Kayla Cook says:

    Hey I’m a little confused on eBay laser hair removal does because I thought it was like semi permanent shaving but after watching it seems like it just makes your hair more fine? Can someone please explain lol

  6. Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae says:

    I'd love to try something like this but thats a lot of money! My underarm hair is so thick and dark that I get stubble by the end of the day, but if I do shave everyday I get a lot of irritation. I shave my arm hair too because it is also thik and dark, I'd love if it was just thinner as its a little odd have hairless arms (for me)

  7. Tia Bell
    Tia Bell says:

    Definitely recommend this product! I bought after watching Kayley’s first review of the product! Totally worth the price. I have seen results! I’ve seen results in my armpits and bikini line!

  8. lizzy Church
    lizzy Church says:

    I stopped using mine for about 3 months also maybe only finished 3-5 treatments now and my hair mostly leg hair looked like it grew back a lot more and thicker so I appreciate you mentioning that in some reasons it may grow back more. I’ll probably get back to it again later but this gave me hope to try it again

  9. Carly K.
    Carly K. says:

    Where is Anna-Laura’s white sweater from? I love it!

    Also! Does this work ok on fair skin with light hair? That why I can’t go get laser in an office

  10. ATM
    ATM says:

    One thing I wish was mentioned in the video is that body hair is a personal choice and that there is literally NOTHING wrong with having hair on your legs, armpits, or bikini line.
    I just find that a lot of people who talk about laser hair removal, waxing, and shaving sometimes forget to mention that even though they want to remove their body hair because they don't like it, you don't have to if it doesn't bother you.

  11. Courtney Green
    Courtney Green says:

    Just a warning. This company has terrible customer service! Bought it in June and I still haven’t received it and they never sent a refund even after many messages via email and IG. Save yourself the hassle and buy the Remington version on Amazon, it works great and you don’t have to deal with this scam company.

  12. Storm
    Storm says:

    watched your last few vids on this and was a little sceptical, but I’m now sold !! Just purchased from the UK and used your code – thanks x hope i get as good results as you have!!

  13. C Tran
    C Tran says:

    TMI I’ve always struggled with my bikini line because my hair there, unlike everywhere else on my body is very curly and no matter what I try I literally get ingrown hairs like NEXT day after shaving. I’ve always wondered if this would at least make my hair thinner and therefore less prone to ingrown hairs. Interested to try this out

  14. Mandy Moore
    Mandy Moore says:

    Ok so I just ordered mine! Thank you for reviewing this! I have wanted to try one for a long time but without knowing how they work its intimidating. So I ordered mine and will definitely start using it!!!! Thank you!!!

  15. Alessandra Dina
    Alessandra Dina says:

    Unfortunately I purchased this device based off of the good reviews from all of these videos… and I can honestly say it does not work at all. I wish I hadn’t waisted the 240$ on it. I also started developing dark patches of skin on the areas I would laser with this device and I’ve since had to see a dermatologist , Who told me these devices aren’t even made for hair removal…. I also had to start using a regular lightening cream to correct my darkened skin ….. plz do your research people, don’t ruin your skin based off of a you tubers review.

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