Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

Hey guys! Today I talk about #acne pimple patches, like Cosrx, Neogen, & Zitsicka. I also got a new Shark steam cleaner! Woohoo! #DrDray

💜Products & items I use in my skin & hair care routine:
The Inkey List Cleansing Balm
Neutrogena hydroboost cleansing lotion
Necessaire body serum
The Ordinary NMF + HA
Cerave healing ointment
Drunk elephant cocomino glossing shampoo
Drunk elephant cocomino marula cream conditioner
Neutrogena body oil
Drunk Elephant Kamili cream body cleanser
iREstore hair laser
Hair clips
Sleep bonnet
Sleep & glow pillow dray_dray for $10 off
Hair pick
Head band
MDSolarScience tinted mineral cream
Maybelline mascara
Colorescience 3 in 1 eye
Colorescience bronze body shield

💜Other stuff
Brighttech Arc floor lamps
Tie up valance
Curtain rod
My rug
Ottomon set
Shark steam pocket mop
Grab green power degreaser

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Skippy
    Skippy says:

    Funny this video came out when it did. I was doing some online shopping because of this whole isolation thing and I was on my favourite k-beauty site here in Australia and decided to throw some of the Cosrx ones in my cart because I have two pretty angry zits atm. The reviews all seemed really positive and they're cheap as, so I thought eh, why not…I did apply a very small amount of metronidazole (Rozex) prior to putting on the patches, which is what I normally use as a spot treatment but it's not irritating at all and haven't had an issue with it.

    Putting them on overnight I have seen some OK results, they seem to draw out a bit of the oil/sebum but that's about it. They're no miracle cure like they're touted to be. Usually the Rozex and some 20% Azelaic acid works wonders on really deep inflamed zits, I find they're about 90% clear in 5-7 days.

  2. Secret Key
    Secret Key says:

    I just bought a Shark steam mop a few months ago too in the hopes of it working the same way that you were hoping but alas, it does not actually pick up dirt effectively. It just pushes it around. Until I started following a professional cleaning company in Canada (@gocleanco) I did not realize. The owner explained that they use spin mops instead because it will actually pick up the dirt and grime better

  3. Shah Iskandar
    Shah Iskandar says:

    I asked you in ig regarding t3 oil.. ahh got my answer thanks! Incase one is wondering, is regarding cosrx Salicylic t3 gentle cleanser. It burns.

  4. Brandy Thorne
    Brandy Thorne says:

    I heartily agree about Mrs. Myers! Can’t stand the smell and it doesn’t clean. I invest in Norwex cloths and love not having to use anything but the cloth & water.

  5. helpfulnatural
    helpfulnatural says:

    I use hydrocolloid patches for cold sores to keep them from spreading and it stops the itch almost instantly. They also absorb the fluid they excrete and make the sores less obvious.

    Put tea tree oil in your toilet bowl". Lol! I love it! 😀

  6. Kimy Malaya
    Kimy Malaya says:

    Hi Dr. Dray, i recently started using a retinol cream and I am developing pimples. Can I use a pimple patch on the newly erupted pimples?

  7. Angela Dimitrova
    Angela Dimitrova says:

    My friend who's obsessed with essential oils: OMG, you need to use tea tree oil for your acne! It's amazing!
    Dr Dray: I use tea tree oil to clean my toilet bowl.

    looooool 😀 love you Dr Dray!

  8. MoiMoi Khan
    MoiMoi Khan says:

    I used a hydro colloidal patch on what I thought was a pimple. When I took the patch off I had a hugh bruised mark. Fast forward to 3 months later. I realized I have "fungal acne". So if anyone gets hyperpigmentation from a patch. See your doctor. You'll only create a petri dish for fungal to spread.

    On a positive note. I used it on a tender pimple and it helped all the nasty pus come out when I removed the patch.

  9. Rei Stukino
    Rei Stukino says:

    I dont really know they work or not because I had a spot than I put it on then it even like peeled of the wound of the pimple when its not even ready to be peeled of yet… It’s kind of like making the situation worse than before.

  10. Kerry White
    Kerry White says:

    Do you remember pudding pops? You might be too young, but all the parfaits talk made me craze… I’m gonna try to home make them since they don’t sell anymore… Dr. Dray can you tell me how to setup a derm appointment with you? Thanks!

  11. Martyna
    Martyna says:

    Question for Dr Dray:

    Is “medical grade” skincare more effective and does it penetrate the skin more deeply than drugstore/department store brands? As some claim

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