Laser Hair Removal

You requested it! One of my favourite looks as of late – clean dewy skin and a pop of red on the lips and the nails. Pair it with a fluffy brow for ~model off duty vibes~. Oversized cardigan optional but strongly recommended. Let chat in the comments xx


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48 replies
  1. leahcg123
    leahcg123 says:

    Love love love this look! Have you started practicing any wedding looks yet? I remember your bridal look from a while back when you got your hair done for it, that a beautiful look x

  2. 马千里
    马千里 says:

    I know the clinique superfine liner for brows from Karima's video. Thank you for this mossy green tone brow product as my brow are quite easily to show any warm tone. And this clinique brow pencil is not that expensive compare with the famous suqqu mossy green brow powder😂

  3. Amee Renn
    Amee Renn says:

    This look is stunning! That lip color was made for you – so pretty!!! Every time I watch your videos I have serious brow envy.

  4. Ottilie S
    Ottilie S says:

    I dig the Fenty mascara. I think it was Charlotte Holdcroft who mentioned applying it with the narrow side, then finishing off with sweeps of the larger/flatter surface. That works really well for me as a deposit then fluff-ify method. Thanks for this stunning look xx

  5. Mayra Rodriguez
    Mayra Rodriguez says:

    Karima, please share which lash curler replacements you use for the shu uemura? I refuse to buy another one :(. P.S. Your skin looks amazing in this tutorial.

  6. Abbie McMurray
    Abbie McMurray says:

    Looove this!
    I'm recently came across the Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow for the face online and am reeeally tempted to treat myself to the clear/iridescent one. I love how you analyse products and techniques and trust your advise 10000% 💕 I was wondering if this was something you owned and if so, what your thoughts are on it?

  7. Heather A. Turner
    Heather A. Turner says:

    I swear we're long lost makeup sisters, I love everything you do and this is exactly my favorite kind of makeup (but I need blush or I look pale AF/dead) 😂

  8. Aleksisandra
    Aleksisandra says:

    Lips are of course stunning but this eyeshadow – BEAUTIFUL! You look stunning in this look 🙂 So happy that you upload more videos! <3

  9. Bethany Stephens
    Bethany Stephens says:

    This may come off as super spammy but I'm hoping some of Karima's viewers are from the UK too and will understand where I'm coming from. I'm trying to help raise a little bit of extra money for the NHS through my videos and I would be so thankful to anyone that would be willing to have a look. I'll be donating money for each view which may not sound a lot but there are going to be eight videos (and video 1 already has 30 views!) so I'm hoping that I'll be able to make a difference!!

  10. Lo Z
    Lo Z says:

    i was literally just two days ago lamenting the loss of the minimal bright lip look thanks to face masks 🙂 Still a lovely look I am going to be trying to fit in somehow!!

  11. Alex M.
    Alex M. says:

    I always like to omit mascara when I do a really bold lip color! I curl my lashes to the sky and just leave them! A pale gold shimmer wash of eyeshadow or highlighter on the center of the eyelid and call it a day!

  12. Jiya Swift
    Jiya Swift says:

    Karima can you do a tutorial of a simple zoom makeup (looks good in webcam/video call) and you can put on like 10 minutes before the meeting😂

  13. madeleine edeskär
    madeleine edeskär says:

    I just have to say, every time you upload a video, I can’t klick on it faster. Your videos are really professional but what I love the most is that somehow I always feel more positive and happy after watching them. So thank you 🙏🏻🌟

  14. Lucy Kelly
    Lucy Kelly says:

    This is my go to look except instead of a crisp red lip I use a cotton bud to smudge and blend the edges. It looks a little more effortless and chic and makes re application throughout the day easy.

  15. Green Fairy
    Green Fairy says:

    My fav dramatic look is similar to this but replace red with a deep berry. Makes me feel goth but not like my face is overwhelmed with product

  16. attacklikealeo
    attacklikealeo says:

    Oh my, how I love this look! Simple and clean, and it makes me red lipstick more wearable on the daily basis, I’d say. I will definitely try this on myself ❤️☺️

  17. Lizsr67
    Lizsr67 says:

    I love all of your videos!! Really jealous that you can pull a red lip. Am of a certain age and now my lips (mostly upper lip) are thinner than they used to be so am afraid I can’t pull off a red lip😢 any advice?

  18. re-l124c41
    re-l124c41 says:

    Can we count on a possibility of a house plant tour video sometime in the future? I'm DYING to see your marvelous collection ❤️❤️

  19. Rebecca Jenkins
    Rebecca Jenkins says:

    That fashion saying always makes me laugh because half the time if I did that I would be partly naked, because I mean I forget accessories 90% of the time so then I would be removing clothing. This look but with blush (I can’t get used to not wearing it, I just can’t) is basically my daily look. Usually I don’t have an issue with my lip line but I have eaten too many salt & vinegar rice cakes so my lips are dry pk cracked & bleeding.

  20. Nadriana
    Nadriana says:

    Karimaaaaaa!!!! You are such unique YouTubed. Love every video❤️ I already did my makeup and now you made me wanna change everything to have that red lips

  21. sona ralhan
    sona ralhan says:

    Absolutely loved your video…you are a beautiful makeup artist and realistic too that less is more. Can’t go wrong when following your skills❤️😘🤗

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