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Hey guys, I had TONS of requests when I said on my IG that I wish I looked like this filter, to recreate it! I have actually had that on my list of videos to make for a long while so today I thought I’d give it a go! The filter is called Stacy from Jepharujo and it is so beautiful! Stay tuned to see how it turns out!


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Makeup Geek Outer lashes (cant find these online sorry)

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

47 replies
  1. MintyMakeup
    MintyMakeup says:

    I appreciate that you admit to feeling more confident with certain makeup looks. I work at Sephora and there’s this thing that happens when people come in who don’t normally shop at Sephora with people who usually do. The “not regular” shoppers have this distaste, I feel a lot of the time they feel makeup is vain. But in a time where we focus so much on the importance of self care, what’s wrong with feeling more confident?

  2. Zyntax
    Zyntax says:

    Guys i need your help, how do you remove false lashes? if i do it with my makeup remover my lashes only last me about a week and then fall apart, theyre also sooo oily and dont look like they did before :(( but i cant just rip them off because ill always rip of half my natural lashes too, helpppppp

  3. Amanda Ford
    Amanda Ford says:

    No I just use strip lashes… I love lashes, they transform the whole look❤️ they really are made way long! I have to cut them all the time

  4. Amy Duckenfield
    Amy Duckenfield says:

    Brilliant idea for a video Kristi! You did a great job of recreating the filter and you look beautiful as always ❤️ sending love from England ❤️

  5. Debanjan Chakraborty
    Debanjan Chakraborty says:

    I'm sorry but that Instagram look was like you were in dipped and rinsed in Vitamin C . Your own created look is way better,albeit a tad towards emo girl look( the one with blushed nose and cheeks)

  6. Sai
    Sai says:

    im here for the bronzer in realistic places!! it looks so good on you too!! i really like forget-me-not by mercurioretrograda on insta btw but its really just freckles and flowers lmao not really makeup-ey

  7. Kimberly Myhill
    Kimberly Myhill says:

    Hated lash extensions. I think they looked pretty but they weren't as black as I'd like and they ruined my natural lashes. I only had one set and my lashes underneath took over a year to return to normal 😭 never again

  8. Lucija
    Lucija says:

    I don’t like instagram filters at al. And Stacey one isn’t tan it’s orange 🍊 Snapchat still wins that one. But you look lovely!

  9. Hannah Kayee
    Hannah Kayee says:

    My ears were clogged for over 3 weeks. I tried every online hack. Finally popped and they whistled a good ten minutes. I was in such a fog for 3 weeks. It sucks can't hear how loud I was talking or hardly hear. It was PURE hell. I still have no idea why that happened.

  10. Pamela Jansen
    Pamela Jansen says:

    I really enjoyed this! I recently watched another video about the filter 'Snow', and how many Youtube makeup artists use it. It was a real eye opener for me. I always wondered why when I do my makeup, it never looks as flawless as when they do it; now I know. And this is what really sets you apart Kristi–the realness. 'Keeping it real' could be your moniker.

  11. Mila Wells
    Mila Wells says:

    I beg I beg I beg that you come out with “am I orange?” merch (if you’re reading this and agree with me pls like so Kristi sees this)

  12. Shuhara Ahmed
    Shuhara Ahmed says:

    Definitely agree with having realistic expectations, it annoys me how ig overly smoothes my skin, changes my face shape etc like I wanna look cute but not like a different person or a botched sim

  13. torianevg1
    torianevg1 says:

    I have tinnitus in both my ears. For many years now and I'm only 43. I'm gonna be deaf in my old age :(. I can't be in a silent room and I have to sleep with the tv on.

  14. tessanderella
    tessanderella says:

    OH GIRL eff lash extensions, lash lifts with a tint are the way to GO. It's your lashes so the urge to pick is far less and you wake up looking like you've got the most glorious mascara on.

  15. Meredith Hammett
    Meredith Hammett says:

    Have to tell you, Kristi. My health issues have been rearing its ugly head lately and it seems to flare up at least 2 days a week. Its happening now… and you have successfully managed to make me forget about the pain. You are the only person on YouTube that can do that for me so easily. Thank you for all that you do. I can assure you, its far more than you'll ever know!

    🌻You'll always be our sweet lil cherub🌻

  16. Gillian Wills
    Gillian Wills says:

    I have chronic tinnitus. I ended up having cognitive behavioural therapy so I was able to basically learn how to ignore the constant noise. I still have flares where it's incredibly painful and makes me dizzy though but they're not as often since the CBT. I have a combination of extremely small cranial cavities and above average hearing range xXx 😁😎🖤🖤🖤🖤

  17. Elena Jover
    Elena Jover says:

    My dad told me that they use information compiled by the airplanes to make weather forecasts, because there are less flights now the forecasts have been terrible everywhere 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don't know if it's true but I'll buy it

  18. Janelle Castanar
    Janelle Castanar says:

    I think they’re called Russian volume lashes? Something like that. I personally love the look of a more messy/wispy set. Too bad my natural lashes are short and thin ;( They can barely handle “classic sets”. To get the look of lash extensions tho I’ve been using Lashify. I wish they lasted longer than extensions (but I still get about 4-5 days). They’re a bit pricey tho.

  19. Makrina
    Makrina says:

    Your makeup turned out so much nicer than that filter! 😍 I’ve been wearing lash extensions for a year and love them. I had issues at first but once I started using the proper cleanser and blow drying them after a shower to keep them fluffy, I’ve never looked back. Those caterpillar lashes are a massive NO though 🐛❌

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