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I love u all hehe pls don’t try shaving ur face at home unless you research into it!!! x Make sure to check out my igtv here –


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20 replies
  1. SusieJTodd
    SusieJTodd says:

    My final thoughts on shaving your face!!!

    Do I recommend it ? It depends 😅
    For sensitive and acne prone skin.. BIG NO
    But if your skin is normal and you want your foundation to look smoother and more even then yes x
    BUT it depends if you want to spend the upkeep of shaving it every couple of weeks because it did grow back feeling stubbly for me. Not thicker! Just stubbly because my hairs have a blunt tip now.

    Am I going to keep going?
    The week after shaving my face my skin was very tender and I had more blemishes than usual. I have very sensitive skin and I think shaving is just not for me.
    However! I am going to keep up with shaving and using the crystal skin co on my upper lip because this is the only place I feel I need it and didn't flare up too much. I'm also too lazy to shave my entire face again so…

    Thats the tea ☕️
    Enjoy! xx

  2. Harmke Compagnie
    Harmke Compagnie says:

    Im a reaaally hairy girl but because all my hair is white/blonde so its not visible. I even have backhair!!! I kinda wanna shave it but I also dont wanna risk it growing back darker

  3. mess shreya
    mess shreya says:

    I think you went over and over a particular area with the blade that's why you may have gotten the pimples or made the skin irritated

  4. Aanchal Chaudhary
    Aanchal Chaudhary says:

    World is weird dude…first we come up with different things and it becomes a trend that everyone follow…then we fight against it that it is not necesarry and one should live as they like…e.g waxing

  5. AirFire18
    AirFire18 says:

    I remember some guy said that i had a mustache and i told him mine was better than his 😂. I even told him my leg hair was pretty impressive. I didn’t give a sh*t 🤣

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