Laser Hair Removal

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43 replies
  1. mrs allen
    mrs allen says:

    Its amazing how good equipment can make a difference in the way we can see you. It's clear, crisp, defined, and detailed and not be so distracted by what's behind you. We see you and your awesome makeup work.

  2. LacedByJaz
    LacedByJaz says:

    I wanna know everything about the camera pls. Mother’s Day and my bday next Sunday and I need your help convincing my husband & Dad that I freakin need it 😪🤧

  3. Dior B
    Dior B says:

    In my opinion, this look is ERRRYTHING GURL! I believe its your best work! So impressed IM gone keep practicing!!! Thanks

  4. MC Lala
    MC Lala says:

    YASSSS honey!!! Love it love it love it .. this lens is everything. It brings out your features and make up more as though we're right there with you in person… I love how you have the back ground blurred out and the focus is on YOU…. definitely going to make the channel more appealing to NEW and OLD subscribers. Congratulations on the upgrade 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Emeralddd
    Emeralddd says:

    Her makeup looks like what those Instagram girls edit their photos to look like. But she did it in real life THAT IS TALENT😩😍😍

  6. TheCherayCashelle
    TheCherayCashelle says:

    Baby at this point I’m wondering if I’m in the room with you!! 😍
    It just amazes me how perfect your get makeup. I love that you always walk us through your techniques, they’re so helpful! 💖💖💖

  7. Blessed Deshawna
    Blessed Deshawna says:

    The, way I feel about the pandemic is that of how Jesus described his presences… He said there would be food shortages, earthquakes PESTILENCE…👈🏾BOOM… THERE YOU GO!

  8. LadyTara UtubeLover
    LadyTara UtubeLover says:

    Very beautiful look and I don't think its population control the USA is not over populated Asia, Africa and India are. It's just a bad time with a poor leader poor in the brain not money wise.

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