Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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Palettes mentioned: (affiliate links)
TF chocolate bar
Ace beaute vintage dawn
Juvia’s Zulu
Juvia’s place Saharan 2
ABH Norvina
Juvia’s Douce palette
ABH Sultry
ND Metropolis
PM Mothership 2
JH Morphe

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Pm subversive Mini
Catrice foundation
Wander beauty blush bellini
Mary loumanizer highlighter
TF liquid lipstick gingerbread man
PM contour lip liner

nails: KL polish cubana and casanova



Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

15 replies
  1. Kari Hensley
    Kari Hensley says:

    I can’t help but agree with Your favorite and least favorite in Sultry! I ended up frankening bloom into a blush and used it up that way. I love the rose gold color you mentioned and the one called Cinder. It was a good “one shadow” look for those mornings when I would be running late!

  2. SarahJane
    SarahJane says:

    I feel like this would be difficult for me. lol I have the og thick Chocolate palette I should try and pan. I know it's old because it's the early release. Why do the Juvia's place browns make me think of red dirt? Purples are difficult. I actually like the purple in the Too Faced White Peach palette. It's flaky like the white shimmer, but with some glitter glue I love both of those shades. I gotta ask, because I don't think I've commented in a couple videos, did you make those earrings too? I'm not a hoop wearer, but those look great on you!

  3. DemonicSmurfette
    DemonicSmurfette says:

    I knew exactly what you were going to pick for Zulu. Apart from that, I enjoyed guessing what shades you would pick. I might have to do this myself with a few palettes.

  4. jcjccmz
    jcjccmz says:

    Such a fun video (yes, I finished it now, lol)! I think your hand with the least favorites still look good, and I can see ABH or Juvia's Place or some other popular brand turning it into a palette, haha! As you know, you inspired me last year to do some intense work on my Chocolate Bar palette, so I can share that my fave shade from there is tie between Amaretto (only discovered while working on this palette with you last year! You deserve credit!) and Haute Chocolate (easy one shade look) and my least fave was Gilded Ganache which was so crumbly and horrible. I use past tense with Gilded Ganache because one day it completely crumbled inside the pan and I was delighted that I could just scrape it out and not deal with its mess getting into the other pans! So it WAS my least favorite, but it's not there anymore haha. Now my least fave is Candied Violet. It's a pathetic little color, lol.

  5. jcjccmz
    jcjccmz says:

    So, doing some commenting mid-video, and I think Chocolate Bar's Marzipan looks a lot like Norvina's Rose Quartz. I always thought that Marzipan wasn't a standard champagne, but blended in a hint of rose gold. As soon as you pointed out Rose Quartz, I thought it looked very similar to Marzipan. Are they different in shade/tone? They might be different in that Rose Quartz looks more foiled/metallic. Interesting!!

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