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Hi Beautiful! This video will help you achieve a perfect at home haircut.

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  1. Fernanda Ruppel
    Fernanda Ruppel says:

    Brad: Please be careful not to cut yourself
    Me: who's so stupid to actually cut themselves with scissors?

    The answer: Me. I'm stupid enough to actually cut myself with scissors. In 3 different places too.

  2. Roselle Abrenilla
    Roselle Abrenilla says:

    Thank you! Watched this when it came out and I was hanging on by a thread with my LONG hair. Guam is already humid but summer is on its way, I dont think I can deal with so much length. Followed your video today and I feel so much better! Love you Brad

  3. Amber Kurt
    Amber Kurt says:

    Will grooming shears work? Im a dog groomer and i have some 6” straights and i just need to trim my ends badly. And lets say some one has like a level 8 root and level 9 ends. But wants to go to a 10 all over. Would a bleach bath be better then straight bleaching?

  4. soccerangelkasey
    soccerangelkasey says:

    I just followed this technique and it turned out really nice. My hair is super long I haven't had it cut in over a year (don't hate me) and I was ready to chop it all off but the shelter in place prevented me from doing so. I cut off a few inches for my own sanity and I'll wait to chop the rest off when I get see my hairdresser. I have thick hair hair so I broke it down into 6 sections and took it slow. I'm glad I did this. You can always cut off more but you can't bring it back! Again, great advice. If I didn't see this I may have tried the unicorn technique and that probably would have turned out bad.

  5. SaviIassics
    SaviIassics says:

    What about a trim instead of a cut, how do you find your dead ends?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos, you are a life saver

  6. Ashley Mello
    Ashley Mello says:

    This gives me a better visual of how I should do my hair, but still very scared to cut considering that I am not very good at styling my hair.😁💜😬

  7. Jessica Apex
    Jessica Apex says:

    If hairstylists cut the hair and mold it to your face shape then who the hell cut ✂️ your hair? Because your cut is busted and looks like trash… 🤢🤮

  8. Cirice
    Cirice says:

    i hate so much when hairdressers upload pictures of girls with curly hair because you cant see the how the cut/ hair color really looks. The curls kinda make the hair look better

  9. Vensey
    Vensey says:

    Just tried this! Didn't turn out nice like the video, but decent enough that I don't feel too terrible. Thank you Brad Mondo!

    Update: now that I'm looking at it, my hair actually turned out quite choppy, but hey, life be like that sometimes

  10. Emily McAndrew
    Emily McAndrew says:

    I was already in desperate need of a haircut before quarantine. I finally caved and cut my own hair today. I have wavy (not super curly) hair and even though Brad said to only do this on straight hair, I found it to work phenomenally! In my opinion, my waves really hide any imperfections. Took about 5 inches off my length and am now sporting a super fresh shoulder length cut and feeling cuter than I have in weeks!

  11. cautious soul
    cautious soul says:

    I have curly hair and in the past it was cut in layers and im tired of it, I want to get my curly hair back to all one length, what should i do?

  12. lemondale11
    lemondale11 says:

    *Question for Brad Mondo*

    Honestly I haven't had my hair done fully by a hairdresser in 6 years and I've always cut my own hair and dyed it myself. I have never had a successful attempt. My hair is currently green with patches of brunette and blonde roots and all my layers and fringe have grown out, it's super thick and it's all down to my bum in a wavy mess. My brother has an afro, so whenever i cut it too short it starts to ringlet. I promised myself in 2020 I was going to save up for a hairdresser.. Then covid 19 ruined it😡

    Long story short is it worth me attempting again since we're still in lockdown or should I just wait? My split ends are pretty terrible. But I don't have any straighteners and my waves are relentless. Any advice would be appreciated, Thank you 😘😘 Sending love from UK💕💕
    P.S. Why do the ends of my hair go like Miss Honey's in Matilda?? Is it because I'm cutting to horizontally?? I've never understood why- it happens with wet and dry hair 😭😭

  13. Elderberry72
    Elderberry72 says:

    Thank you, Brad!!! I followed your instructions exactly, and I love the results! My hair is much shorter than ms. minniquin (sp?) and with long layers, just touching my shoulders. But it still worked beautifully. I love the 'point cutting' technique. I usually try to trim my ends in between appointments but I end up with a 'springy bob', much too thick at the bottom – flaring out at the bottom. Not a good look! With the technique you demonstrated my hair lays down perfectly with just the right thickness, and has movement. My husband checked the back and said it was totally even and looks good. I'm so thankful I found your channel today! You're the best!!!

  14. Emma Hodgson
    Emma Hodgson says:

    Ok i just did this on myself and it actually turned out pretty well! I have some advice for other people attempting it though: 1) Definitely take your time with sectioning and making sure everything is the right length 2) If you have thick hair ABSOLUTELY do six sections instead of four!! 3) Point cutting is a really slow process but it’s worth it 4) Cut a little longer than you want to just in case. Thanks Brad!

  15. Hannah Bay
    Hannah Bay says:

    I just did this and cut my hair really short and it looks so good😳not choppy😳 i’m so happy with it!!! Thanks brad 😞❤️❤️❤️😄

  16. 2 2
    2 2 says:

    Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, just click on ANOTHER video that will actually show you what to do!

  17. Ashley Allen
    Ashley Allen says:

    I cut my four year old’s hair with this and it came out so well 😭
    It went from being to the middle of back (messy and thin) to being at her shoulders and because of the layers her hair feels thicker and it’s more manageable! Thank you so much!!!

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