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In this video, Jacob and I wanted to share some hope & encouragement with you during the COVID-19 crisis the world is facing. Also, we want to update you on what we’ve been doing & where we’ve been the past few months!

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts. We want to hear from you! Do you have a prayer request? Leave it below too! I love you all. Keep on shining! – Charis

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Kama Kahikina
    Kama Kahikina says:

    The death toll is rising here in Hawai’i which is scary because we’re a cluster of islands. We’re not a big land mass and so it’s spreading fast here. I can only imagine how the other Pacific islands are doing during this time so its really scary. Mahalo for posting this encouraging content during this time, stay safe up there!🖤

  2. Marcelina Pinedo
    Marcelina Pinedo says:

    Hi Charis and Jacob, I'm here in Phoenix, AZ. My prayer request is for my 2 baby boys, my husband, and myself. I have an almost 8 year old and a 6 week old. Please say a prayer to keep safe and healthy through this tough time, especially for my kids who are very young. Thank you! God Bless you both and baby Lincoln. ❤🙏🏼

  3. Katie Delight
    Katie Delight says:

    Please pray for my husband and father. They work in the roofing distribution center in Tennessee. It is essential as we got hit with a powerful tornado last month. I pray they will be okay and any day now they could be layed off.

  4. SassyMommiEni
    SassyMommiEni says:

    I am from NYC Metro area. Two of my older children work in banks and I worry every time they have to go to work. Please pray for all the essential workers….all in the medical field…the people who work in supermarkets…the people who make deliveries of food…just pay for everyone. My youngest son school wanted everyone to put rainbows on their windows just to say thank you to everyone who still have to work during this pandemic and just so they know we appreciate them…keep them all safe and well.

  5. Eva Gutierrez
    Eva Gutierrez says:

    Amen Amen!! 🙌🏻 love and appreciate you all sooooo much! Thank you for your words of encouragement! Let’s pray that people turn to Jesus in this time 🙏💖

  6. DeepHerSoul
    DeepHerSoul says:

    This time has been a blessing. That may sound crazy with the nature of things but I'm truly experiencing the peace of God right now. Even losing my job and not having an income right now. My heart breaks for the people that have lost their lives and the loved ones affected, but because I KNOW God is good and He has control over it all, I am at peace. Let us continue to pray for our world and that more people come to Christ during this time. <3

  7. Lisa Romo
    Lisa Romo says:

    I’m asking for prayers. My brother was recently diagnosed with a mild case of Covid-19. He’s recovering, Thank God, but he’s not fully well yet. Plus, his wife and daughter have been self quarantined and kept their distance. They have not experienced symptoms but they are in LA and it’s getting pretty bad over there, in regards to the number of cases and trying to get food to feed themselves. So I humbly ask for your prayers to protect my brother and his family. Thank you.

  8. Faith Grace
    Faith Grace says:

    First I like to say your baby boy is so cute and hope y'all are staying safe. I would like to ask if y'all could pray for my class. We're class of 2020 and I just wanted to ask if you pray that we can get that last memory and be able to walk the stage and get the diploma.

  9. Filip Cmok
    Filip Cmok says:

    I love how Charis said that she found faith in Jesus which means that she understands that everyone has a different faith and religion. This just makes me have even more respect for her and im such a big fan of her. Blessed be Charis and everyone alse❤️

  10. jayniegirl 312
    jayniegirl 312 says:

    Hi Charis and Jacob! Your channel was the first one I was ever allowed to watch on YouTube, and I have been coming to you for joy and hope ever since. I love all that you do with your platform, and I sincerely pray for your safety and health through this. I'm so thankful you made this video, I needed it desperately. I haven't been doing well with this pandemic, I keep trying my hardest to put faith over fear but as someone who has a compromised immune system and as a student trying to get a degree, everything that has happened worries me every day. I sincerely appreciate the keys you gave us, I often need to remind myself of those things and this was a wonderful way to be reminded. Thank you for all the hope you provide, and I will continue to practice placing faith over fear. Stay safe <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  11. Ashley Wadlington
    Ashley Wadlington says:

    What this video has uplifted my spirit that is trapped in stress, fear, and depression. Thank you for this!! Please! Keep posting these kinds of videos during this time. You guys are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Meredith 03
    Meredith 03 says:

    hey charis and jacob! (sorry if i didn’t spell y’all’s names correctly) i hope y’all have been safe and healthy! i hope u have a great day even if you’re stuck at home lol. thank you for being so encouraging and inspirational throughout this hard time!!

  13. Ninachuu Makeup
    Ninachuu Makeup says:

    I have found a lot of comfort in God during this time. I talk to and pray to Him as much as I can for the world, my family, myself.

    At the moment I'm on week 3 of working from home and it's been quite the adjustment but my company has been so amazing as well as my colleagues. I am having a blast being home with my family especially with my daughter!

    I love the 3 keys you gave in this video, it really does help make everything easier. I'm sorry for such a long comment but I wanted to thank you for this amazing video and helping so many through this time and always. Sending love to you guys!

  14. Taylor and Lucas
    Taylor and Lucas says:

    Amen!! God is in control. Jobs may fail, health may fail, Jesus never fails. My priorities have shifted. It’s time to start living with an eternal mindset. In the midst of all the bad news, let’s share the good news!

  15. Gaetane Clemente
    Gaetane Clemente says:

    I'm nine months pregnant in France, due in the end of April and terrified about having to deliver my baby girl without her father/my boyfriend by my side. It's my first baby and it's terrifying having to go through this alone… These last few weeks of lockdown here in France has been really stressing me out and gave me a lot of anxieties for the end of my pregnancy… My thoughts are with the thousand of people who are sick and with the medical teams that are doing an amazing job saving lives risking their own

  16. alicesunnnn
    alicesunnnn says:

    Thumbnail is a little tacky. We are in a pandemic and nurses and doctors don’t have enough n95 masks or masks in general but you slapped one on for clickbait?

  17. CoffeeChatWithAmber
    CoffeeChatWithAmber says:

    Prayer request: my hubby works for the government, but technically as a temp. He was given 2-weeks off paid. They just announced yesterday that they have 2 more weeks off. The managers are getting paid, but they don’t know about the supervisors (of which my husband is one) getting paid. Plus, with the governor announcing stay-at-home until June 10 for all of Virginia, it may be until then before he can return to the office. Not sure what we are going to do financially. 😢 But we are trusting the Lord to provide. 💖 Please pray that they continue to pay my husband or he can get a safe temp job in the meantime.

  18. Carey InkedGal
    Carey InkedGal says:

    Been mentally struggling through all this. Really hoping this pandemic is done before my baby is born. This is my first child and I don't want him coming into this crazyness.

  19. emma bonilla
    emma bonilla says:

    Hi charisma my name is emma and I’m from New York my dad and sister got tested positive for the Coronavirus my dad is currently in the icu with a ventilator not able to breath on his own but this morning we got the news that his fever has gone down praise the lord but I would appreciate it if you can have my family in your prayers during this hard time i know the lord will make wonders and make this all go away to all the nursers and doctors watching or reading this comment thank you thank you for everything

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