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Today’s LIVE video is all about some makeup tips you were told wrong. I answer many of your questions live and demonstrate makeup techniques for those makeup dilemmas!


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

48 replies
  1. Steffy Ani
    Steffy Ani says:

    My first time watching your makeup class/tips and you touched on all my makeup problems I’ve been having! I’m so glad I watched this. I usually watch your tutorials but never these type of videos because they tend to be long but man! Have I been missing out!!! This was SUPER helpful and on the spot. Thank you for such an informative video.

  2. puglover1217
    puglover1217 says:

    To the person who asked about yellow color correctors, when I was younger I had a purple-tinged scar on my face. The yellow color corrector/concealer really helped conceal it so I did not feel as self conscious. Physicians Formula was the brand. However, today’s foundations & concealers are so much more pigmented than they used to be (in general, especially drugstore etc.) that they might not be as popular. Depending on the brand, pigmentation and texture, I have also seen yellow work on those with a light to fair skin tone who have under eye circles that lean very purple in color (as Marlena mentioned). Not every person needs every color corrector that is available, but it is nice to have options so you can try different things if you have a problem area that you are looking to correct. Hope that helps!

  3. Aly Harris
    Aly Harris says:

    Does that dermablend foundation set down enough that you don’t have to powder it? I get so irritated when my foundation is wet and sticky so I always put powder on and then I look so dry and blah. I wish I could find a foundation that fully dries and does not move around without being set

  4. cntrygal2007
    cntrygal2007 says:

    I ALWAYS set my foundation with a powder. All over my face. This way, when I apply powder blush, it looks natural without any issues. I was taught: powder atop powder……..liquid/cream atop liquid/cream.

  5. Lory Lopez36
    Lory Lopez36 says:

    I sweat very very bad on my nose and upper lip. My nose doesn’t care if it’s cold out or hot out she still sweats. I can’t keep NOTHING (products) to stay on the nose and upper lip. By the time I’m done with my makeup there isn’t anymore products on the nose. It’s a struggle and very frustrating. HELP!

  6. Vintage Kitty
    Vintage Kitty says:

    I've developed very bad malasma (medicated cream from my doctor is fading it) it took so much trial and error to discover that salmon pink completely covers it for me.

  7. Elvira
    Elvira says:

    Great video, thank you! I have a question on setting spray. Everyone in tutorials says that setting spray melts all the products on the skin tohgether, but on me it makes my make-up really cakey. I don't use much. What's wrong?)

  8. Jaime Lynn
    Jaime Lynn says:

    For melasma or mask of pregnancy: Urban Decay Naked Fluid Corrector in Peach applied just as Marlena (pre-foundation) demo'd will cancel it out in fair-medium tones. They have a dark peach color for deeper skin tones. It. Is. EVERYTHING.

  9. Kathleen Coomans
    Kathleen Coomans says:

    Can you please not do this answering questions live….it’s very distracting when you are doing something and then you start talking about something else…..can we ask all our questions by writing and then you can do an instructional vid and afterwards answer all the questions separately……other than than I LOVE YOU DOING THESE LESSONS…..

  10. Shelley Newchuk
    Shelley Newchuk says:

    When your sweating.. how would you fix your makeup … that's my problem… I'm always sweating because of menopause…lol so please help.. thank you again sweetheart..

  11. Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
    Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot says:

    You’re absolutely stunning!! Makeup or no!! IMHO even though makeup is an art, personal choice etc there is color theory that should be taken into account. I color correct and find that I don’t then need concealer which is great because my fine lines and concealer do like to play together.

  12. Shelley Newchuk
    Shelley Newchuk says:

    Going way back even further… there was a commercial for I think it was laundry, or bubble bath.. and at the end .this little Chinese lady would come on and say … ancient Chinese secret ha.she was so cute.. I know now adays people would get sensitive about that commercial.. but it totally wasn't racist at all.. it just implied the little old lady had tricks and tips for this

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