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Derrick Carberry makeup masterclass for your 40s
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  1. Annie B
    Annie B says:

    I like it a lot for an evening look. I can't imagine that much makeup for day to day wear. She is very pretty without makeup so for daytime she could do the brows, a touch of blush, some mascara and lip balm and look fabulous.

  2. StaciSch75
    StaciSch75 says:

    This is nice, however it is not anti-aging. With a full windshield wiper motion on the upper lid you extended the outer edge to far. Giving it a down turn at the outer edges. This pulls the eyes down, closing them, and making them appear more hooded and tired.

  3. Dawn Masters
    Dawn Masters says:

    What wonderfully simple tricks, the end result was very good!

    One question: Is there a trick to slim down the appearance of puffy (chipmunk) cheeks?

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