Laser Hair Removal


I used the Makeup Forever Flash Color Palette for this tutorial.
also this video is an old one of mine so this was back when I did not know how to make tutorials(2013 yall)!!!!!!! But I have learned and I am still learning on how to make my videos better each day! This is also the main reason why I only do voice over videos is because my camera doesn’t pick up sound very well! SOOOOOOO please keep this in mind and try not to be rude! thanks for watching! -Rosa

Hope you guys can hear this because I turned it up all the way!!!!!!!!!

and of course I hope this helps you decide on what you wanna be for Halloween this year!!!
All brushes used are by sigma.

Song: Gymnopedie No 2 by Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Bryson Jackson
    Bryson Jackson says:

    Hello, my school is trying to "Anything Goes" the musical in Black and White and we are looking for someone to show us how to do the makeup and educate us on which brushes and makeup and such. We are willing to pay for you to educate us on the details of this project. I saw this video and how simply talented you are and would love to ask you a few questions! May I have your email? You can email me at

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