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Turn your coronavirus self quarantine into a self care staycation. Thanks Skillshare for partnering with me on this video. The first 500 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

Whether you’re in lockdown or practicing social distancing, here are 15 things to do while staying home in isolation. I truly hope you all stay SAFE. Take care of your physical health AND mental health. Sending you so much love 💞

Remember that you can’t control what happens in the world, but you can always control how you RESPOND to it. Choose LOVE over fear. Read my full post on dealing with the fear & panic of current times:

// Coronavirus COVID-19 info
→ World Health Organization |
→ CDC |
→ article: why you must act now |
→ flatten the curve |

// resources & favorites mentioned
→ Dalkom Café |
→ Artist of Life Workbook |
→ Journaling Series: 100+ journal prompts |
→ Style Your Space by Emily Henderson |
→ Calm (meditation app) |
→ Meditation music |
→ Healing Workshop |
→ Blogilates |
→ Yoga With Adriene |
→ Boho Beautiful |
→ Down Dog app |
→ Overcoming Overwhelm by Samantha Brody |
→ True Beauty webtoon |
→ Age Matters webtoon |
→ Duolingo (language app) |
→ Queer Eye |
→ Crash Landing on You |
→ Taylor Swift: Miss Americana |

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

33 replies
  1. Lavendaire
    Lavendaire says:

    timestamps & details 🙂 open the description box for the full list of links!

    0:52 – 1. Disconnect from the noise
    1:29 – 2. Put on a cozy playlist
    1:52 – 3. Journal
    ╰ guided journaling:
    ╰ free journaling series w/ 100+ prompts:
    ╰ gratitude journaling
    2:46 – 4. Take an online class
    ╰ style your space (interior design class):
    3:55 – 5. Clean & organize
    4:29 – 6. Meditate
    ╰ deep breathing techniques
    ╰ guided meditations
    5:24 – 7. Exercise at home
    ╰ my fave apps & YT for workouts
    5:53 – 8. Read
    ╰ book recs:
    6:31 – 9. Practice a hobby
    ╰ ex: piano, watercolor, dance, knitting, guitar, anything goes 🙂
    7:08 – 10. Learn a language
    7:34 – 11. Watch feel good TV
    ╰ my netflix recs
    8:04 – 12. Cook at home
    8:33 – 13. Take a relaxing bath
    8:48 – 14. Indulge in skincare
    9:14 – 15. Follow your heart

    More fun ideas to do while at home:
    ∙ have a facetime party with your friends/family
    ∙ karaoke
    ∙ play with your pets
    ∙ play board games
    ∙ play video games (for nostalgia, try playing the games you used to play as a kid)
    ∙ sort through your photos & mementos
    ∙ organize your finances

    What other ideas would you add?

    edit: someone asked "what do I do if I feel sad/depressed/anxious/in a slump"

    my answer: journal and ask yourself: where are these emotions coming from? get to know yourself and get to the core of what you're feeling. then, be gentle with yourself. sometimes you gotta feel what you need to feel. let yourself be sad. but then take time to be grateful and look at what you still DO have in your life. try to see the positive & the lessons in everything.

    LOVE YOU ALL 💖 we will make it through this!

  2. Stir fried queen
    Stir fried queen says:

    All I've been doing is sleep and eat, no joke and believe it or not. It gets tiring… Right now is 4:44 am for me (angel number woo) and I don't know what to do. At night I'm not sleepy, on the morning I am.
    I want to do these things but how to start is the difficult part D: this "routine" is the WORST.

  3. Abby Hegney
    Abby Hegney says:

    this is so amazing and I will do every single thing you said. thank you so much for being very peaceful and giving great and healthy ideas to better our lives and not only get everyone through this pandemic, but to thrive in it (my condolences to anyone and everyone who is and/or was suffering as a result of the COVID-19 ❤️).

  4. Lavendaire
    Lavendaire says:

    Arabic, Indonesian, and Portuguese subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributors listed in the description 💕

  5. LittleLoza 28
    LittleLoza 28 says:

    Thank you so much for your comforting words and ideas Aileen, they help me to make sense through all the noise and anxiety. 💖🙏
    My favourite playlists to listen to are relaxing video game playlists eg GameChops, VapidBobcat and Shadow at Noon are pretty good.
    I also love Studio Ghibli soundtracks and chill out cafe music, eg Cheeky Jazzhop! Hope that you like these recommendations. 🎼🎶

  6. Lulu Jjk
    Lulu Jjk says:

    I appreciate you so much I was depressed and it almost killed me
    Since I started watching youtubers like you and getting closer to god
    My life has finally found an order
    You probably have saved me
    Bless your soul 🦋

  7. Natania Pechthalt
    Natania Pechthalt says:

    Thank you so much for this positive video! <3 Any suggestions for dealing with the stress and anxiety in a family setting?
    PS: What's that cool rotating crystal lotus thingy?!

  8. m a r
    m a r says:

    these days, its time to do something like what you've been wanting to do 🙂
    Like learn a dance, or learn a language. Take care everyone💕

  9. II SmileyBun28 II
    II SmileyBun28 II says:

    At this point, I check the news channel regularly but I occasionally watch on of those clickbait coronavirus videos just so I can have a good laugh. I don’t really take it seriously.

  10. Siobhan Deus
    Siobhan Deus says:

    Anything by Josh Ritter. He’s from my hometown and we share the same music teacher, and shared many similar environmental development experiences so it creates a space that feels very comfortable and familiar to ease anxiety.

    On the other hand, Matt and Kim have some killer productive jams. When I have to clean or I’m working on some art I throw it on and party while I stay productive. Keeping work exciting has helped stay productive in a space typically reserved for relaxing.

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