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I’m back with an updated 5ish minute makeup tutorial! It’s #natural looking and easy, so enjoy! #elannapecherle #5minutemakeup #tutorial

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BareMinerals Tinted Gel Cream:

BareMinerals Well Rested:

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer:

MAC Blush “Coppertone”:

Bobbi Brown Duo:


Lip Liner:

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  1. Ingvild XO
    Ingvild XO says:

    Ooh bare minerals powder! But, does it get dry? I have such dry under eyes😬
    The makeup look beautiful on you❤️
    Happy easter to you and your family 🐥🐥

  2. Skye Ryder
    Skye Ryder says:

    Love the quick everyday makeup tips! What kind of self tan do you use on your face? I missed it and I don’t see it listed with the products you used. Anyway, thanks for the video! 😊

  3. Megan G
    Megan G says:

    Gorgeous as per usual, and that hair color is absolutely fabulous on you with your skin tone 🤗🤗 also bare minerals is the best, I love their products!!

  4. Vanessa Thammarath
    Vanessa Thammarath says:

    I have that bareminerals tinted gel cream but I hate it. I'm almost done with it I don't want to waste product but whenever I put it on it's really patchy around my mouth and nose. I've tried my fingers and a beauty blender but it never looks good. I spend so much time blending it in. My la girl bb cream and neutrogena hydro tint works so much better (also a lot cheaper). Almost everyone I watch on YouTube raves about bareminerals tinted gel cream (that's why I bought it) so bummed it doesn't work well on me. Even my Elta MD tinted sunscreen provides more coverage and isn't patchy. Plus it's a sunscreen so my skin is protected

  5. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    How is your skin now elanna ? I remember you used to have oily skin like me and was wondering if that’s changed since having olive ? Hence the hydrating base products ? It’s weird my skin was soooo oily but lately it’s gotten so dry ! But I’m breaking out as well it’s so weird ! Xxxxd

  6. Janice Lo
    Janice Lo says:

    I’m a huge fan!! I’m a fellow Canadian who married a Welsh man so I can sorta relate only we live in Canada but planning to move to Wales soon. You should do a video about adjusting to a new country. I need tips. 😋

  7. Lucy Jones
    Lucy Jones says:

    As a very pale woman, I’m actually starting to find it offensive how much ‘influencers’ want to tan their skin. It’s almost like reverse racism? Like being pale is something to be avoided at all costs?! I’m pretty confident that you’ll either block me or call me a ‘hater’, which I am absolutely NOT!! But I would love to know why you place so much importance on being tanned.

  8. plugrapls
    plugrapls says:

    OMG I already used half of these products on the daily. I guess I need to try the either half! Good go-to products make all the difference, speaking as a mom of a two year old.

  9. Carrie Carroll
    Carrie Carroll says:

    “6 minute makeup- sue me.” Hahaha same!! I love this look. Before I had my second baby, I ALWAYSSSSS “needed” eyeliner and after she came along I’m like who has time for liquid liner?? I love my look now- glowy & bit less harsh. Thanks for this beautiful look! Enjoy your sweet Olive 😘

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