Laser Hair Removal

VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE BOMBSHELL MAKEUP TUTORIAL! All the products used in this tutorial are not only CRUELTY FREE but they’re VEGAN too! Cruelty free & vegan aren’t the same thing when it comes to makeup. Cruelty free means products aren’t tested on animals, whereas vegan means there are no bits of animals in the product (yay!!).

This bombshell makeup tutorial is perfect for anyone who loves a good full coverage foundation base (me!) and also for hooded eyes!

I hope you guys are all staying safe and home during these strange times we’re having. I love you all! x

*This video is sponsored by Illamasqua and Eyeko. I am very grateful.


– Hydra Veil –
– Skinbase Foundation –
– Skinbase Concealer –
– Loose Powder –
– Beyond Powder OMG Burst –
– Unveiled Artistry Palette –
– Loaded Lip in shade Spice –
– Black Magic Liner –
– Yoga Mascara –

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  1. Dawn Vickery
    Dawn Vickery says:

    Try using hairspray before and after you curl your hair. It works great for me, my best friends are hairstylists and that’s what they on my hair and their other clients.

  2. NikNik Kuret
    NikNik Kuret says:

    Loved the look absolutely gorgeous
    I wish you would do more looks and tips like that eye brow one you have sooooo much skills and experience and natural talent we need you to teach us love your family Nik 🦋💜 from Australia 🇳🇿 Perth 🙋🦋🐕💖

  3. Rhonda O'Dea
    Rhonda O'Dea says:

    Hi Stephanie, love your channel. This is off topic but it's been on my mind to tell you about "fog catching" to collect drinkable water. Please do a google because it might help with your water problems. Stay safe. Hugs and warm wishes from Down Under 🇦🇺🌸😀

  4. KathieStevens Designs
    KathieStevens Designs says:

    Congratulations sweetie on the great sponsorship !!!! I Love Illamasqua products !!!!! I never heard of this brand until I got a few of their products in my Ipsy bags. Everyone one of them has been excellent quality. That primer is dreamy :)) It came in my Ipsy Plus and I will be purchasing it. Would love to try their foundation and concealer. And that eyeshadow palette is Beautiful !!!! Your look is stunning ❤ Great job as always. Thanks so much. You used products I didn't even know they had….like the beautiful palette. Have a wonderful day. Hugsss ❤❤❤

  5. Melissa Daniels
    Melissa Daniels says:

    My hair won't hold curl, especially when it's long, except when I use a flat iron to curl it. Ironic, right? I have to do it in smaller sections that what I see [lucky/normal/magic?] people use. Also, use a heat protectant with hold in it beforehand.

    I freaking love your YouTube channel. 💗

  6. Wicker Mama
    Wicker Mama says:

    Loved this video girl. And that look was amazing on you. To curl your hair,have you tried the curl secret? I used it when my hair was long and the curls held really well. And I have thick hair. But it’s also naturally wavy/curly…soooo this could be a useless recommendation. But my friend used it one for her wedding and the curls held for her too! Lol

  7. Anne Nyagacuhi
    Anne Nyagacuhi says:

    You're just beautiful and amazing! Thanks for sensitizing us on cruelty free makeup. Am learning a lot from you. New youtuber here, let's support each other ❤️

  8. Karyn Evans
    Karyn Evans says:

    LOVE the look! As for your hair, I have the same problem with keeping my curls in as I have pin straight hair. A few years ago, I tried this curling wand from a brand called Neo, and it works so well. I tested it to see how long my hair would hold, and my curls lasted THREE DAYS. By the third day, it was more wavy than curly, but it’s better than spending hours curling your hair and have it fall 20 minutes later. Lol. It’s a little on the pricey side, I think I bought mine for 120 USD about 5 years ago or so, but it is so worth the money

  9. Sean Opalenik
    Sean Opalenik says:

    Hi Stephanie Lange how are you doing. It's Sean here and wow i love the Vegan & Cruelty free Bombshell Makeup Tutorial video and it's very good. I love all of your videos and hope you do more new makeup tutorial videos from you right away. Stephanie i like you because you are very pretty and i love your smile. I support you a lot and i'll keep on watching your videos. Love to hear from you Stephanie and lots of love from me to you Stephanie Lange.

  10. Pjksaini
    Pjksaini says:

    I exclusively use cruelty free and vegan products. I always wished and hoped that more Influencers would eventually go out of their way to become cruelty free as well. It’s nice seeing these products get some recognition and love. I genuinely appreciate your initiative, Stephanie! ❤️

  11. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    I love this warmer red color on you! I live your vlogs but girl I've missed your tutorials! You've always got great recommendations for cruelty free products! It's all I use!

  12. Samantha Baker
    Samantha Baker says:

    Ahh I’m so happy you are doing tutorials again. I absolutely love this look, grunge 🥰♥️ As a lot of your followers have said, you were my first beauty guru also. You are such a lovely person ♥️ Stay safe and healthy love 💕

  13. Anna Rust E
    Anna Rust E says:

    Beautiful video and beautiful person!! I would love to see a hair video one day, or are u by chance gonna get ur hair done, a vlog would be so fun! ❤oregon

  14. Theresa Mass
    Theresa Mass says:

    Put your hair in a high pony tail and curl with curling iron (smaller=tighter curl) after release roll section back into the curl and pin it. Do entire pony tail mist with holding spray & keep in until totally dry and cool (as long as possible) release curls than take out pony tail. Shake & spray again if necessary. Curls should last all day… or two. I also do pony tail with hot rollers and just leave them in cutting out need to roll & pin. Beautiful look today❣

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