Blurry vision after of Laser Hair Removal | Risk and Side effects – Dr. Urmila Nischal


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Blurry vision after of Laser Hair Removal should never never happen. So that is why never get your eyebrows treated with Laser Hair reduction. Our iris is black in colour, if the iris by mistake absorbs color then the iris absorbs it and then that damage is going to be permanent. So don’t fall in the tarp of people we are doing permanent shaping of eyebrows. So till date any of the dermatologists practice, we have never come across this because we never work around that areas the eyes are absolutely covered with a white shield so that the energy does not go.
Side effects of Laser Hair Reduction. If the skin is not properly premed, we feel you are applying sunscreen. Tan always leads on to darkening of skin. When the laser is doesn’t here are chances of having laser burns so laser burns happens in a tanned skin. If there is problem with the machine and if the hand piece is not in contact with the skin, then Laser Hair Reduction can cause burns. Sometimes when the follicles are so thick, then after Laser Hair Reduction, you might experience little bit of reddens or itching and pus filled lessons, but they clear off very easily, and it happens on the chest and back and it happens and isnitall kind of folliculitis another is paradoxical hair growth. Fine hair need loads of energy because the melanin is less there. So we try to give energy and heat energy is not sufficient to remove that hair and in that process it stimulates hair. S o paradoxical hair growth can be totally avoided so be sure on the thickness sand type f hair getting treated with laser. There is Q switched Nd-YAG laser which can teat superficial hair very nicely, very finely and working in the surface and getting rid of them.

Dr. Urmila Nischal
Consultant Dermatologist & Dermatopathologist
Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic, Vijayanagar Bangalore
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