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Laser Hair Removal
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  1. theGREATcoolio
    theGREATcoolio says:

    I did this for my legs and it hurt A LOT. The "pinching" was not mild, but I guess its different for people. I really want to get this done for my face but if its going to be the same amount of pain experienced on my legs on my FACE. I need a crap load of anesthetics

  2. Mz Nurú
    Mz Nurú says:

    It all depends on the type of laser and the thickness of hair being treated. The area under my arms was quite painful….probably because the hair was very dark and my skin is light. I am still grateful for this because it makes me a great candidate for this procedure.

  3. th1smomentisfate
    th1smomentisfate says:

    I am doing laser hair removal for my neck, and it was only the first time it hurt. And it felt more like a stinging electrical current going through my pores, more than actual pain. I guess it depends on pain levels?

  4. D Ja
    D Ja says:

    "mild pinching and stinging sensation" …..ha. It's different for everyone I'm sure, but the best way I can describe it (for me) is , take the thickest fattest rubber band you can find……Pull it back as far as you can and snap it against your skin, repeatedly. That's what it feels like.

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