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Should you touch a black womans hair? Watch this video to find out today! (While we do makeup too, of course)

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

45 replies
  1. tanya shaw
    tanya shaw says:

    I wore my hair blown out to work one day (I'm the ONLY black employee) and my coworker asked me if she could "play in my hair" and I told her no. She persists in begging me. I told her this isn't a petting zoo and not to ask me again. Then this heifer had the nerve to say " I don't blame you, I hate strangers touching me." Like Bi$h what? 😠😠😠

  2. Maria Cruz-Lopez
    Maria Cruz-Lopez says:

    I have naturally curly hair, hair that I can blow dry and it will become wavy instead of straight, but soft. When I am flaunting my curls…DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I have it blow-dried…DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!!!! If I shave my head Britney-style…DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!!!! JUST DON'T DO IT! (reverse Nike)

  3. A A
    A A says:

    I really hate we still have to have these conversations. Non-minority people love to tell minorities that racism doesn’t exist anymore. It’s comical. Really. Like they really think they can tell me what I’m experiencing. It’s idiotic.

  4. Spwyder Quyen
    Spwyder Quyen says:

    When that happens to me I'm just like skuuuurt. No. Thank you. But I've worn my natural hair in so many styles customers knew me as the girl that always has a different hair style and then i straightened it once, and my coworkers were like, oh, it looks so nice, I like it this way better 😐😐 like I put all that work into taking care of my hair and only when it's straight do I get a compliment lol

  5. vampvermin
    vampvermin says:

    A month ago, this person was dropping off a urine sample, mind you it was in a bag but I don't know if they washed their hands after putting it in there! This person just dived there possible piss filled fingers in my hair talking about "oh I love this". I had to stop myself from chopping their hand off!

  6. Nikita babiee
    Nikita babiee says:

    i literally felt this one. i was at work once and my white colluege asked me what i had for dinner and i said rice and peas, this girl asked if thats all we (black Caribbean or maybe just black in general) eat. i was literally lost for words

  7. Racha Oukhaba
    Racha Oukhaba says:

    I have a questions for black women as I'm not black (I am an Arab). Sometimes I touch my friends hair because it soothes them when they feel bad and it's kind of a way to show appreciation or to fix a strand of hair. I am not curious in a bad way about my black friends hair it's just soothing (and I am extra careful to not mess up a hairstyle). Should I stop ? Because I don't want to be insensitive..

  8. flowercity21
    flowercity21 says:

    🤔 But I’ve also had black men touch my hair… I don’t think everyone has had the amount of exposure that we think they have… even if they do there is a weird exoticized fascination with black hair

  9. Key TV
    Key TV says:

    At work I’ve had a number of uncomfortable situations regarding my hair…

    I typically wear my hair in its naturally curly State. Whenever I’ve worn it different (straight, curled, braids) I get asked oh wow how long did that take

  10. Danni Vasquez
    Danni Vasquez says:

    I worked in a hospital and we had to create a campaign on what department could consistently wash their hands before entering a patients room😳 so yea.. no you cannot touch my hair without my permission.

  11. MyLoveliestAddiction
    MyLoveliestAddiction says:

    As a cosmetologist I can say I love hair. All different hair types but I would never in my life just walk up and start touching someone else’s hair because no. Just no. I can understand curiosity about someone else’s hair but I could never just stand there and watch people walk up and touch someone else’s hair. Id have an overwhelming urge to tell them to stop touching someone’s beautiful hair with their dirty hands. Also it’s just so weird and disrespectful to intrude on someone’s personal space like that. Just stop. It’s 2020 people, stop it.

  12. Imaan Sheikh
    Imaan Sheikh says:

    Brown girl here, and microaggressions (at work especially) are so frustrating!!! The majority of the people I work with pronounce my name wrong, and the one time i said something about it, it got weird with the person I said it to. Like it's my fucking name!!!

  13. MsYentl1
    MsYentl1 says:

    UHHHH….They've seen natural hair before…  and have always wondered how it feels!!! AND….kinky hair, although curly…does not have the same feel as looser textured curls.  (which i'm sure they've felt before,,,)

  14. Hanna Kurowska
    Hanna Kurowska says:

    My little son looks Caucasian, w/ strawberry blond LOCKS. He has had his hair touched too often and without permission .
    Don't touch other person's body, unless you are familiarized w/ that person. Otherwise, Ask for permission.
    Black hair are THIIIICCCCK HAIR. Most of white folks have thin hair. We DREAM of having thicker hair. That's the root of this uncontrolable desire to touch these BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS THICK LOCKS.
    Many Europeans have beautiful curls by nature as well, e.g. Irish, some Spanish, Portugese. These people also experience having their hair touched curiously and in uncontrolable manner.
    In the States , there is additional historical aspect that plays out into these, uncomfortable already, situations. Black people may often feel " put out on display", without giving permission to be touched.

  15. S Douglas
    S Douglas says:

    I heard about a West Indian art student at a college in the UK and he told his classmates that his family lived in treehouses and that they believed him.

  16. Annaliese Avery
    Annaliese Avery says:

    GURL I LOVE when I get to see natural curly/coily etc. hair. It’s one of my favorite things about working in the mall. I get to meet tons of different people. I think natural hair is so pretty. I love twist-outs and all that volume! But some people have that over curiosity and that “oooh let me touch” feeling. TIME TO REEL IT BACK GUYS. Hands to yourselves! DONT MAKE IT WIERD. YOY CANT JUST TOUCH PEOPLE.

  17. Lala Told ya
    Lala Told ya says:

    I am Native American and I have long thick straight blackish brown hair and I go to a church with mainly African American people and the little girls always play with my hair. I don't care it makes me sleepy lol

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